Of girl talk on boys and girls

For one moment, I'd like to celebrate...

It's the last day of the semester! Woo Hoo!
*Throws confetti and blows trumpets*

Back to the topic, a good girlfriend of mine was mentioning about how this guy was so bold to actually come over to her place and spend the night there. He was quite high from all the drinking a few hours before, refusing to leave; so as a girl, she starts to fret. In the middle of the night, he smells her hair and strokes her head so she shoots up and walks to the living room. He calls her to go lie on her bed but she refuses to sleep the whole night, she stayed up and used studying as an excuse instead. I don't think she managed to study at all. Some guys can just be such asses in persuasion. If the chick pushes you out the door, you leave dammit....don't hesitate, she doesn't like you!

I take real good care of my friends, So if this guy ever bugs her again I swear on my witchy part, I will kill him. Or at least make him close to infertile. I didn't learn Latin for nothing. If you're reading this ***hole; you patch up your behavior or else.

On the other hand, both sexes can just be so bloody clueless. Maybe sometimes it takes more than a clear conscience to realise that the person if throwing obvious hints. Personally I think it takes a bit of ego to achieve such a state of realisation. Then again, I think it's pride that steers us clear.

And if you ask me, I still like men doing the asking. Modern times have only allowed women to be more dynamic in their expression. Don't expect most of us to do the asking.