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Love ya Blogger, it was fun while it lasted ;)


A lotta Vaginas

I have finally seen more vaginas in one day than any Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist. 100 vaginas (thankfully none of which were gaping) ready for packaging and shipment as earrings for Saint Mary's University Drama society in Halifax, Canada. All for the promotion of their up and coming version of 'The Vagina Monologues'

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A Lotta Vaginas eh?

There you go...100 beautiful pink vagina that look like tulips. Or as my groupie would say, 'you got that right...two-lips'

And here we have the brainchild behind the idea of creating so many god darned vaginas :P She models two pairs of them on one ear in the most professional of manners. :) My darling girlfriend who is off to take them to Halifax, Jhameia dearest :)

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Watch out Halifax!


My WWF fantasy

I'm a bit particularly .... Incredibly twisted. I know. Apart from being morbid and slightly of tangent, my mind tends to also get carried away with my own directed trailers of film shooting in my head.

This one I managed to record and pay attention to whilst watching WWF on late night TV. I don't want a bra and panties match but neither do I want to be stuck in garments that stick on to me like cling wrap. And let's make it fair... I'm no match to a man in the ring so I kept it as a woman. Someone I'm still abit ticked off with. (Luckily, this person doesn't read my blog! phew!)

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The truth about my age in animated blogging

So I have been told that I carry a very matured character with a physical impression a few years more than I am... but never have I ever been so insulted until recently early this week. BASED ON A TRUE INCIDENT (BLEH!)

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A billboard worthy wedding

I don't know how many people have notice that North Bound towards KL on the North South Highway, there is either an incredibly sweet or if some of you would think, a peculiar landmark that shows you're about to approach Kajang.

Of course, I didn't notice it myself until I was posted in Seremban for work purposes. But its not everyday or everywhere that you'll see a large picture perfect photo of a soon to be married couple/married couple plastered on the side of the high way with a large DOUBLE HAPPINESS SIGN, the couples name and a date.

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I shared that drive-by moment with my colleague sitted next to me and told her.

'Well you know something...no company sponsorship etc...it must be by the couple themselves'

'Maybe he loves the wife alot that they put it up? Or his wife loves him. Or wedding present from one of the guests who works in advertising... ' she giggles.

Some people just said... 'WAH SCARED PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT AH?'


Damn bad....Then again, it's not everyday and everywhere :P


Why me and Minishorts should have free 'Siao Loong Bao.'

"THIS FOOD BETTER BE WORTH THE PARKING HELL WE'RE GOING THROUGH" says an exasperated minishorts as we cicle Bangsar for about the 3rd time. And I'm now blogging to tell you and remind her that its was all WORTH IT.

The destination, Shanghai 10 in Jalan Telawi 2. Upon first look of the menu, it was VERY INCREDIBLY similar to Chef Loong down at SS2; but hey I wouldn't be surprised if they are under the same management.

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There she is everybody.... A lovely glass of Iced Lemon Jasmine tea!

Both me and Minishorts had a jar-cup of Lemon Jasmine tea. A honey like concotion of fragrant Jasmine tea that's light tasting with a twist of sugary sin. Refreshing!

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For a base I picked a bowl of Rainbow treasures Porridge. Mixed with chunks of Yam, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin. Garnished with 'Yau Char Kwai' and chopped spring onion. I like the thick -not so grainy texture of the porridge :)

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Dear Ms. Minishorts took a go at the prawn dumpling 'Lai Fun' which had delicious prawn dumpling imho. :)

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Prawn and Squid dumpling wrapped in 'foo chook' and cheese filling, which already suggestively sounds real good. Minishorts would prefer less cheese but I wolfed down 3 pieces without waiting too much for her.

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Yam 'Woo Kok' or fried Yam balls stuffed with Tuna. Sounded rather odd on the Menu but Minishorts was saying 'Eh, let's try lah'. Unlike most 'woo kok's this one had an ULTRA CREAMY texture to its shell and tuna didn't taste very much like tuna.

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And then meet the best part of the whole deal. SIAO LOONG PAO! Which after close examination and a double blind test taste bud scrutiny, Minishorts and I agree that another commercial restaurant famous for their Siao Loong Pao can go 'TAH PAO' (get lost).

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IT TASTES SO GOOD TOO! Chewy meet texture and dumpling skin that's not too thick or dry! See that amount of soup again!

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It's already tried and tested for you so here is a pic of yours truly with a logo of the restaurants so all people who want to go eat there can go on a look out for it.

However, if you're still not convinced, this is what me and Minishorts thought about the whole dining experience!

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Yum Yum Shanghai 10!


Nice boys that we women like.

It is not everyday that I end up with food poisoning, almost bed ridden on a lemang-lemak-joyous occassion where I could be picking off the silver platters of my wonderful neighbours and share the happiness that they have.

But it is not also in every raya that I get ULTRA SWEET PLEASANT SURPRISES in my SMS inbox...

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Not did I only know that I am an aunty today, but aparrently I also have a daughter named Farhan!!

Jokes aside. This kid who sent me the sms is made of pure gold. Boys, say what you like about him being a suck up. You know deep down inside most girlfriends or wives become mothers one day and most of us would want to have a boy with such respectable traits dating our little girl or should have sons that have such great respect for the older women and the one he's holding hands with.

And since it's Raya,Maaf Zahir Batin and all that, I sent the guy an sms to get the number right so he can send his proper wishes and greetings.

If you happen to be named Farhan, and if you mom with a 012 number and a bf with a 017-6## #### number, you are a LUCKY LUCKY girl :)

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends and family :)


Self pity is an addiction.

Even if something that you wished didn't happen has passed on. It makes a lingering presence in the back of your mind.

We can try very hard to neglect the dormancy of unwanted thoughts. Put forward our best foot foward so they say..a step at a time in our own pace. I try, by getting out with others, walk on stretches of streets/beaches or stand watching the night skyline on altitude alone . I really want to stop thinking about some things. Then there are times where I'm asked to sink back in as my conscience as I meet friends who remind me of myself at such dreary states. There would be moments I wake from day dreams of self discovered bliss to realise that I've been avoiding the same repetitive questions I should answer.

I, like most humans in a position as such would round the possibilities. Spinning, never quite finding our way out of things. I get dizzy, confused and then fall into relapses where I feel incredibly helpless. People will be there but they can't really help until I want to move myself. Life is incredibly good to me, but I'm still trying to piece some pieces back together.

The whole thing has made me a human jigsaw. I can't be too long and too hard at it, or I'll get that nasty backache so I try to stand up and get around. But I have to get back at it soon...hopefully I'll get the whole picture soon.

Isn't it a peculiar thing... how people being people feed their afflictions of pain enjoying the addiction of self pity. You just can't help it cause it feels good having people pay attention to you for that while.

Egotistical empathy sown into a tangled mess of a person's identity. I don't want to be thrown in a state where I feel the lack of my own ability and relying on the sympathy of others to help me define myself.

And like every addiction, it only tastes good for fleeting moments...and then it passes, the whole cycle starts again before it's a becomes a little too hard after long.


The launch of Vanity Vault

If you were one of those people who was always muttering...

"%^$%, this siao woman only knows how to make clay earrings that mimic mini foods, very boring leh. Creative sikit can or not?"

"Give up. sperm earring also got. smell also got. eyeballs also got. Give up"

"This woman like so damn free like dat..."

Firstly I would like to say..


Well besides the point, I've decided to launch a new line of jewellery. To show a more sophisticated side of me and a less, obscene, paed items obsessing , food glutton (that I actually am).

Thus I call this new line...


(yes, yes, so even the branding still does echo narcissm)

Not convinced it's different? Here are some Snippets

van1 copyPearl Islandfunk bracelet

See...different :)

If you want to see more...go to click here. Don't expect me to keep cutting and pasting the tags for previews :P


Cream, sugar and sin


Ladies and gentleman, one of the deadly sins of Hiestand....A victorian Pastry

Shing Ying invited me up for a round of evening coffee down in Summit USJ before her gym session. It was then deciding between overpriced Starbucks and overvisited Secret Recipe that we decided to give this quaint clean nomadic white looking bakery a shot. That is where we met this seductress of a dessert.

Jammie berries. Thick Butter cream. Icing Sugar and Semi spongy crusted bread....drizzled with fresh cream. 90 minutes of sugar high time. A Recommendation for individuals who love dairy fused with pastry

Crap...There goes my diet... :(