Beware the Con Men

Mom and me went down to Wangsa maju earlier today to get rid of my probation license.

Ah yes upon arrival, mom applied her usual gait of walking 2 seconds ahead of me leaving me to struggle with a small lane being selfishly occupied by two children slowly trotting beside their father.

When I eventually caught up with her, she herself was caught in a conversation with two men sporting sling bags and dyed hair asking for my Driving license and my IC. They grabbed it from my hand took me and my mom all the way up and offered to settle all the red tape for us by cutting que.

RM20 pocket money would be fair don’t you think for having to cut que? Having no photo at lunch hour (you know how government offices can be sometimes) I needed a photo taken there then. These two men suggested that we pay RM10 for the actual price of RM7 photos. Fine.

There was however the option of taking it before lunch break was over but it again required a small wavier. Enough money wasted, we decided to wait out the period whilst the men kept suggesting to take a break at the canteen downstairs, which eventually evolved into a drama of stomach clasping and grumbles of being hungry.

“Mom, how much did you pay them? Oh, RM30 for a year of driving, RM10 for photos, RM20 pocket money and RM50 for computer processing.” “What computer processing?” “I dunno we can’t get it done another day cause apparently he paid the lady to process your information already.” “I didn’t see him take anything out of his pocket or for that matter, pay the lady mom.”

Thanks to Huey Ying and Hsu Pheen. We found out there was no such ‘computer processing fee.’ Mom made a scene and lucky we were able to edge out of it with all our money back.

Damn you con men.