Insomnia at 3:52

The books are laid out in neat fashion with writing material stuck in their respective cases.

A pair of slacks, a pair of lab shoes, a lab coat tucked away at a corner whilst the silk shirt sighs on the chair and waits for their purpose.

I option to lose my long decorated nails over a good impression in the lab and the endless toil of pressing the backspace.

Here I am; Whoopee… hair coiffed in a semi-slept up and semi gravity induced manner. Yawning, yet my eyes do not sting. The warm Devondale milk served today ain't much of a slumber inducer. Must be because it's SKIM LOW FAT milk.

Note to self; Never take a 4 hour afternoon nap and a Neslo the same night if planning to wake up early the next morn. Crap. Darn Insomnia