To be, or not to be..superstitious

Last week... I dreamt that some random-i-don't-know-you-but-you-look-familliar person was squatting down next to a pot of amber laden flames. He seemed to be bending the edges of a stack of coloured paper so it'll be easier for him to separate every piece before subjecting them to the flames.

April: Mr. random-i-don't-know-you-but-you-look-familliar person, why are you burning hell money?

Mr. random-i-don't-know-you-but-you-look-familliar: It's for you.

April: What the? For me?

Mr. random-i-don't-know-you-but-you-look-familliar: Yes. For you. See that paper doll there? It's also for you. Your maid down there.

I woke up. Confused. Could it be??? Nwah...

I tell mom. Mommy tells me to go pray to the altar outside. I should have done it.

My horoscope says this year I'm sure to meet with casualties during travel. Yeah, only 3 months ago i hit someones bumper.

Today, I met with a terrible accident. By traffic law, it's my fault for wanting to turn in, past a straight road into the junction. But the bike was so far...

She picked up speed and whacked into the side of my car. Why did she drive so fast? (you can imagine...thats the first thing her husband asked her at the hospital)
The whole of my passenger tires were badly damaged deep into the hood. My wind screen was shattered. But I don't feel so bad for my car as i feel for the motorcyclist.

It's a lesson for both of us. Thank goodness she's not left earth to join other beings and that i sustained no injury except for a few glass cuts.

I need to go regenerate my aura and do some good deeds over the weeks to come.


Maggie said...

*hugs April*
(Goodness... everyone's in need of a hug...)

Make sure you nurse your cuts properly...

Anonymous said...

This occurence, along with many others, interest me greatly. Of course there is a slight possibility that it was a coincidence, or that by dreaming you fully expect an accident and subconsciously it increases the likelihood of the accident.

But I'd like to think it was the work of other paranormal powers, though as you well know I would NOT like to think about those powers and how they came to work. Then again, at least your worst fears from the dream wasn't realised.


april yim said...

Thanks for the hug maggie :)
I really needed it


april yim said...

A friend of mine just told me, it's your attitude towards each part of your life that makes it a part of your life.

But then, I wasn't thinking of that dream when a body just fell on my windscreen.

My family and close friends thank god that I am alright. That's all that matters.