When do you call?

"You know, It's like when you don't hear from him you start thinking..."

"If he's alright, if he's there, if he's feeling well"

"And yet you are so afraid to call..."

"You'd wonder what is his mood then, you don't want to wake him from precious needed rest, you'd not want to interrupt his work."

"Girls shouldn't initiate much. Stay put. He'll call when he wants to. Thank goodness mine calls very often." *Her phone goes off* "Hey sweetheart..."

*She waits for just any sign of communication*

Does'nt he want to know how I'm doing?


Anonymous said...


Except when he's at work. Or in the loo.

april yim said...

i don't know when he goes to the loo wert.

Maggie said...

Do what I do.

1. Pick up the phone.
2. Key in his number.
3. Hit "Call".

And don't forget to bash his head in for not calling more often.

Anonymous said...

well calling can be a bit susah at times esp when at work. there is always the sms or even email.

dont worry overly much. things will work out. it cant be good all the time and neither can it be bad all the time right?


Jason said...

Just give him a call,whether is it a 5 seconds call just to hear his sexy voice or a missed call to tell him that you miss him.Ah~

the feeling of missing somebody cannot be cured and the only cure is him.I know how it feels when u miss somebody so badly that you just want to give him a hug...

april yim said...

Hey everybody
everythings ok now...thanks for all the advice :)

Anonymous said...

is there anything wrong with the female calling?