I like school holidays :D

Tis the two weeks to truly enjoy myself.

When the day begins...
I hate having to wake up at 5:45 am sharp just to avoid the jam at the LDP toll at 6:50am. With the holidays up for 2 weeks, there will be no spoilt kids being chauffered off by their poor parents who could do with more sleep. Kids with fresh driving licenses driving making terribly meek approaches to cutting in the next lane with their heads stuck up like meerkats. Yesterday. 7:15 am still no jam :) *Bliss*

Oi! Your grandfather's road ah?
I don't have to bother with kids sticking their trolley bags and conjoined arses at the sides of the road while I'm driving past them. Nor do I have to worry about them playing hopscotch on the zebra crossing. Or the ones on bicycles who just can't ride their bike in straight lines. Haven't you kids heard of road accidents?

Go on... Call Mommy and Daddy for help *Evil grin*
I'm a big meanie. But I can't stand it when kids run across shopping malls with rollershoes, scream and bop up and down in Mc Donald's playland. Oh they do it with or without the holidays. I get to tell off kids that do such annoying things. Let me tell you 1st hand, It's cynical fun.
i) If a kid runs or/and falls, depending on his ethnic comprehension, I'd mutter either "Haha serves you right" or "Good. Run somemore."

ii) Screaming and shouting? Give them a good glare, glare at the guardians and then sigh out loudly.."My goodness so noisy. Who are their parents I wonder?"

It's a service to the community really. Everyone would appreciate one less fuss-kicker. And with the school holidays; more scores in one day! Whee!

Cheap cheap.
"In conjunction with the school holidays such and such is on promotion!" Who said having kids around is so bad?