The other thing I like about Indian Culture.

Their pan baked yoghurt and wonderfully spiced curries are suffice to testify for their difference in taste. Sounds of the sitar, the majestic animals that become part of their land, their legends and stories, and the display of dance. Nevertheless I LOVE their detail to patterns on intricate pieces of decorative art. Namely THEIR ACCESORIES/JEWELLERY.

Growing up on Saturday TV2 2pm bollywood movies has made that specific impact on my life. The jingle-jangly sounds as actresses flick their wrists running/singing/dancing/rolling across wide open hilly spaces plus the SHEER CHUNKINESS of it all. And the sound of it when the actresses slap someone (or sometimes when they get slapped).. *SLAP* with the "ding ring ding" noise echoing in the background. oooh... Image hosted by Photobucket.com

About yesterday I was out with Hann Yong in Midvalley till I saw an Indian Cultural Exhibition going on. One thing flashed by my mind...


Too bad we didn't quite have time to explore the details yesterday so armed with mo cheddar and my MOMMY we bashed through the crowds this afternoon looking high and low for peacock feather earrings.

Every store (except the one selling a vegetable cutter and the exhibition on the local indian station) took me to a different sort of orgasmic high. OMG...the silk, the incense, the bags, and I hit the peak of my climax when I saw JEWELLERY!

I bought these darling black and white bangles from the people famed for selling bangles back in India. So shiny... I like!

Really funky earrings! So original very unlikely to find in over here.

And somemore other Funky Chunkies!

Funky Chunkies 2

Funky Chunkies 3

Funky Chunkies 4

Still no sign of peacock feather earrings then though. They had peacock rice art/ peacock casings, peacock drawings, peacock pictures, peacock bags but NO peacock feathered earrings! So I enquired info from a merchant.

"Oh no peacock feathers here miss. No one brought from India. Need special permission to bring in to sell."

Aghh errrghh ugggh. My gaiety went down faster than a helicopter that got struck down by nukes.

Nevermind, If India wasn't going to bring Peacock feathered earrings to Malaysia. I'm going to do it. Through lots of scavenging and hunting, I managed to get the feathers and the necessary materials. The first thing I did when I got home.


Peacock Feather Earrings

Terror or not? Tee hee. So if by chance you're loooking what I've been looking for...Look no further.

However I do really recommend visiting the exhibition, Its more than an eye opener. ;)


Jayelle said...

Ohmigod!! Breathtaking!!! How did u do it? from where?!?! Your pet peacock ready for another bout of plucking? ;)

april yim said...


I went to zoo negara to ask if they had any peacocks who had recently shed their feathers to grow new ones. When they showed me the ruffled feathers left by the peacock, the zoo officials then had to put a peahen infront of the young male for him to spread his feathers. They then snipped off different ends of tail and gave them to me in a sanitary animal medicine bag. :D

I'm just pulling your leg. :P If you're interested, I'll actually be selling them upon request. RM15 a pair :)

Adam said...

In Delhi there's a road called Janpath where they sell all these stuff at such low prices. Of course you have to bargain (around 40% of what they ask for). However, this is the first time I have heard about (or seen) Peacock feather earings. Looks great.

Ayou said...

The bangles I use to wear in collage, now not suitable for working.

I brought them in a indian town in Penang, georgetown. Cool

It reminds me when i'm still in collage

Ayou said...

For indian culture, I more prefer the Henna Tatoo.. It looks cool