Camwhoring with FA, Minishorts, YP, KY and Edrei

A big thank you to ,Minishorts, FA, YP, Edrei and KY for coming down to help me model and take photos of my earrings :D

Here's the portfolio XD


The Goodies that have not been camwhored by Jolene yet


FA and Minishorts begin by feeding each other Burgers :D


YP and FA share a pair of vanilla cones :)


And then FA just feeds YP an Ebi sushi...


...before getting to KY with a slice of neon watermelon :P


and then satisfies her hunger with a crab or two.


Finally, no one is eating the earrings anymore!

YP Pretty with a Strawberry cupcake ;D


A blur but definitely portfolio worthy picture of Minishorts showing how she can dangle 3 earrings in one ear hole.


FA gives Minishorts an idea.

FA's idea to Minishorts: "Why don't we put a bunch of them on my hand instead of just eating them and wearing them?"


So begins the task of placing them on FA's hand ....


Hold them still FA... PERFECT! :D

Because I didn't get my what Edrei calls 'a vintage' camera out during my Modelling session with Jolene we'll just have to wait a bit when she's got the time to do it :D.

Don't push her :P

And tadah!, I've got new designs. My chocolates look darn real and smell real as well :D

Strawberry Bites

Mmm... Strawberry Bites

And check out these funky sperm earrings. If you're kinky enough to wear them ;)

Sperm earrings

These and more designs in my new online catalogue :D I also now make handphone straps, pendants and Keyrings :) Just drop me a line at my gmail :D


Paul Tan said...


Anonymous said...

Three earrings in one earring hole! Tell minishorts she got skillz!

~ Jha

eunice said...

hie april! how can i get 1? :)

KY said...

eunice, you don't get 1, they come in pairs. :P

Anonymous said...

hey i really like those earrings..
how can i get it?

april yim said...

Paul tan: Thanks :) (oooo..Arucard)

Jha: hehehe she prolly knows

Eunice/Anonymous: Drop me a line on my mail :)

ky: *Bonk*

eunice said...

1 as in 1 pair la KY! :p