Tea at Las Carratas

And there were those days that a friend will be there for a friend and vice versa... me and Cheryl would definitely agree on Las Carratas (USJ 10, Taipan).

Since we both are a little tight in the pockets and around the waste...we averted to a light dinner and coffee (which was a very biased decision owing to much lack of sleep in my case)

Las Carratas Iced Cappucino 1

Iced Cappucinos... for the girl who just wants to fall asleep from a rough day at work.

If you are a fan of jacket potatoes /potato skins i do recommend that you give the ones offered there a go. They taste familliarly Mexican. I kinda like the addition of crunchy fresh capsicums to the sour cream. (Duh Mexican cuisine mah)

Las Carratas Potato Skins 2


Boy said...

Very delicious