A start...with attitude

This is April starting to sign in a new journal.
I know peeps like Melissa, Hsu Pheen, Lydia, Mei Ai and Yi Liang are gonna so love peeping into parts of my life. Before you guys start thinking about why i have the time to type in a journal and not wirte you guys equivalent amounts of email (whether fowarded or just plainly scribed) lets just say, a journal is much more of a commitment to write in; short or long, a scribe is a scribe; anyone can access it anytime so you don't have to wait by and say 'i hope april mails' ; i'll be my honest self here. Get my drift? But before i do go on i shall include a disclaimer in large, bolded fonts.

*April Yim Meng Lai shall not be responsible for any unpleasant emotions released by the readers as a result of being provoked by any www.greatestjournal.com/users/aprilyimmenglai entries. It is understood that readers beforehand understand the uncharted mood swings (note: may last for periods of days, weeks, months) that can encourage Ms. Yim to write absolute gibberish; please take notice of the song in play and the mood for details into understanding such complications. April Yim will not be liable for any negligible acts especially defamation, warranty, condition or statutory legislations known to man.*

I hope i got my message across clearly =) (Thank you law!) Can't believe i just noted what i did in brackets!

The day in brief:
I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so os (damn-could see how long i can type 'so' repetatively without a mistake) pissed with a certain Johor girl today. I am very very very very very very very veyr (damn) tempted to tell her off in her face and destroy her very foundations of pleasant thoughts people have about her or further degrade nasty thoughts by other people about her. She cancelled out practice on me not once, but twice because she got kicks out of getting drunk at the club which made her cancel practice the first time. Not only that she has a case with priority management bringing other people into the picture, and an even larger case with bullshitting! That nuisance bullshitted with me by saying things that she is stuck in places that are 500km apart from each other within a span of two hours. Screw her left, right, 0.000001 to 360 degrees, 2-D, 3-D, front, back and center!I'm not gonna do her a favour by telling her mistakes but let the world take it out on her the hard way. I hate people cancelling out on me last minute for no good reason.

Ahhh... i feel much better =))

Other than that, i went to Coffee bean in Mont kiara today. Not to the one that stands solitarily alone but the onw near Warung Uncle Don! His face is still there and they changed th pic! Tee hee. Had my caramel latte! Oh, what an eclectic chilled beverage of caramel, ice, milk and caffiene!!! Yum yum! Gets me so high that i took out my lappie and guitar to play there! I had a taste of Dee Lern's Mocchiato shot. Man it was soooooooooo bitter.

Exams start in 8 days and today i only covered offer and acceptance for business law. i THINK i need to score at least 65 for my finals to obtain a HD. No thanks to Dee Wei when i asked him if he was sure that the assignment contain no elements of negligence. Bio will be on the 29th, Chemistry on the 3rd and Environmental science on the 11th. I must be nuts to go to semenyih for fun on the 24th, party in taman desa on the 31st, and workshop from the 8th till 10th. Oh well, i guess i deserve it if i stay back from 7 am till the closing hours of the library everyday =)))

Today has also been a good day of learning that:

Politicians repeat some parts of their speeches on annual occassions, 'Flush, flush' !!!

Never try to think someone can change their ways so easily especially if they have a wild streak and your friends give you 'i warned you hints'

Coffee shots can seriousy do damage to your slumber health

Keep a look out for guys that are playboys.

Never, EVER take rendang from the mamak stall that obviously has been left overnight when it is a stands as a single solitary piece in the early morn.

Drive carefully when pissed.

April, signing out =)