Like I said, coffee shots can really wreck your biological clock. The next time someone orders a small shot of any coffee, never voluntarily take it! Or maybe it was because of the fact that i waited for mom and Ash to return from Singapore with goodies for me; but it also could be because Chih Seng was around to teach me some stuff about playing Cake with a drop D tuning.

It's monday, I should be in Uni enjoying the last four days of university being the library hobbit after the CHM1022 lecture on 'Patterns of Periodicity' today. It's nasty of me to leave Shing Ying in uni to study alone cause Pei Ming won't be there; neither will Shuei Hua. But i think Auntie Feng will be there =)))

Today i plan to seriously finish of the topic of contract, touch on bits of BIO1022 microbiology, read and practice on carboxylic acids, find the darned statistics report, learn how to play Sheryl Crow's 'Dyer Maker'!!!, and have lunch and dinner with my family. Guess i better start setting my ass on the study chair now. I'll get the progress report posted up at the end of the day =)