What would scare me

Sometimes, there's this bit in each and everyone of us that is bound to scare another person. You wouldn't know it until you've gotten to know the person better, the worst thing is stumbling upon it by accident; cause you're not prepared to accept more alone, the shock will show no mercy and kinda swallow you whole. Instances would be how one of my friends, Tom* is so influenced and reliant on the words of another, that you wonder if Tom has a free will of his own anymore or even though friend Bubbles* would complain of friend Buttercup* being directly sarcastic that she doesn't realise how hiddenly sarcastic she can be at times. It spoils the most perfect and sweet thoughts that you may have on the person and maybe show you that no one is ever born or shaped to final perfection. I could scare people by the way I think and the things I do and I know I have.
* Names have been changed to protect the privacy and dignity of each person.

It's an issue that I have to get off my chest... I accidentaly saw something I wish I didn't come across. It was a personally typed message to the public which made the persona look like something that can be bought off the rack on a K-Mart bluelight special. All this while i had beautiful thoughts of this person no matter how many critics and judgement were posed by other witnesses towards me for my own benefit. After seeing what I saw, the scales kinda tipped towards the biased end of those that advised me and well... I'm feeling utterly disturbed. There maybe a simple reason behind every action, or maybe the other party is not within the capacity to think at the spur of the moment.

In real life, as opposed to law, I don't think the 'reasonable man' really exists. What exactly is being reasonable and rational to such an extent? There is no such thing as what the reasonble man would consider to do in the course of action or even bother to mitigate. Bring on the subjective points of view and kick out the objective tests i say. I've always since pondered, about 1/2 a decade back, on the basis of insanity coexisting in harmony with humanity. Theoretically speaking, through much observation, there lies a streak of insanity, understood by some; and shun by the others who don't accept such ideas. Maybe that's the comprehension of the person has driven me to such a state. Everyone is genetically, and philosophically diverse. Accept that start moderating your attitude on worrying about other people April.

The last two days of my life was spent on 'Introduction to Organic Chemistry' by William H. Brown, scaling the introductions of Dark Cloud 2 (Known as Dark Chronicles in Japan), and stiffling joyous laughters after the BIO1022 paper. BIO1022 paper was a breeze!!! =D I managed to cover even some of the questions in Campbell and I throughly knew what I was doing through the whole course of the paper. So far throughout the whole two days, I finally managed to cover all of the syllabus on carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, Infrared Spectroscopy, carboxylic acids, -COOH derivatives and Polymerisation. I 'm worrying about my Physical Chemistry though, I have big problems in the transition metals department but sailing smoothly through the reactions of nuclear chemistry... I pray i can cover the 6 more chapters in this two days.

If you are a classic RPG fan, with a taste for dirrect battle duel games (e.g. Tekken, King of Fighters), and an avid collecter of items within the game; I seriously do have a good word to put up for Dark Cloud 2. Spectrumise, synthesis and build up of weapons! Talk about taking the ghostly essence of an object and incorporating it into your weapon. The main character fights with a wrench and a gun. Gaming Photography skills guaranteed to improve after playing this game. This is the first time I've seen games include the extensive use of a pixelled camera. One bad side though, It's a 3D virtua game so the screen moves along with the camera analogous to the stereoscopic vision. You could end up with a real headache needing a short rest, or have a headache still wanting to play the game, until your peristaltic system gets affected too.

Me and Pei Ming waited for Alvin yesterday at the SS15 Mickey D's drive thru. Slowly savouring and sparingly eating the melting vanilla ice cream, I notice the BARBIE DOLL STATIONERY STAND! *Buy mc Ds happy meal every week to complete the whole set* Too bad I couldn't convince Alvin to get a Happy Meal as a penalty for arriving late. Eventually, while talking and talking about cryptic palm readers, religion, and women we came into the discussion of men's jojo's.

I will always begin,..."Scientifically speaking because of the muscularity and width of the vagina, it is the diameter that matters as opposed to the ideas of length being the big hoo-hah."
"So you're saying it's like the difference between a big compact disc and a smaller compact disc"
*giggle* "Yeah yeah, exactly"

When all of the sudden, a lady in a bunch of 30-40 year old adults at the next table said "bla bla bla erection bla bla bla". Creepy to the fact that already Alvin has intrigued me and Pei Ming with sheer coincidence as a result of palmistry and also because of the irony of it all, Alvin pursed him lips looked left and right, Pei Ming looked rather calm... I just couldn't help myself and burst out laughing hysterically. (I had sugar in my vanilla ice cream don't you forget that)

All Halo's eve, and the Sunway students had to dress up goth style mostly. I found my most favourite costume being this guy who sat behind me in the foyer, exposing his skinny butt ( I don't think it will be even qualified as a butt) and a pair of silk grey G strings. It was so low, that his cleavage could be seen... eeeeeyyerrrrr.. This particular guy had the blue sealing tape wrapped around him making him looked mummified all over his long sleeve clothes, facial structure and long pants. The tape was so tightly bound, he couldn't flex and bend to walk up the stairs like a normal person. It was not until later when Shing Ying sms-ed me to tell me, he wasn't wearing long sleeves under that tape... OUCH!. Choon Ming came round to drop Lindsay off today. This guy has the different sounds of cars, the daily life of a river from dawn till dusk, and the mighty mouse theme song in his lappy. Very happy that he sent me some Animaniacs songs, the malboro theme, cranberries and hehehe... "C is for Cookie" by the Cookie Monster.

The BRATs birthday party today was rather mild in nature. not many BRATs came but there were a hell lot of fossilised 1995-1999 BRATs. As for me, I'm a dinosaur BRAT hatchling along with Lindsay. Met this kid whom I thought was pretty cool. Timothy Teo or Teoh I Think. Played with the electric guitar and found out that this kid bought exactly the same guitar as me, and from exactly the same place. Daryan, Choo Ki, Avril, Lindsay, Ash, Rueben, Davin, and moi then retired to Steven's corner for a drink. This is the first time I've noticed that the mamak is so tolerably popular that patrons brought their own umbrellas, putting it to good use when the area started drizzling.

It's only a few more days till I am done and over with 1st year in Uni. Time just sprints in front of me without alerting me of what I have been missing and what I gained throughout March and now. Will think of it when I'm done with my self-proclaimed last paper on the 3rd.
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