Feeling rather vain

Here's a shout out to my Great Friend, currently pursuing a Degree in Chemistry at the University of Buffalo. Happy Birthday Melissa! Hugs n Kisses to you Girl!!! We all Miss You So Much! Have the Happiest-Wappiest 19th Birthday-ee of Your Life-y-Wifey!!!

Has anyone listened to Vivaldi's Four Season's Winter before? Personally, I figure the composition speaks very well for the season. The first 3:35 minutes sounds alot like the grand arrival of winter. Pluckings of the harp in the next 2 minutes or so remind me of Icicles shedding alittle of their weight on an unusually sunny winter day & the last bit refers to the winter showing it's final outburst before it's reign is over. Nevertheless, I still prefer Vivaldi's Autumn and in real life, all seasons. No biasness. =)P

Somehow, I can't upload pictures in the blog. I've tried about 5 times but each time the page redirects itself to 'Page Cannot be Found' etc. I will however ask Choo Ki if I may include her album URL in my blog so that i get to show what great photography skills she has and my muka in the pics =D

Eng Hock., Daryan, Darrell, me & Birthday Boy Azri (Happy Birthday to you too Azri!) met up yesterday at around Beatrice's house to go makan. Here's a forewarning, NEVER EVER GO TO Hartz for dinner. Although it may sound cheap for an all you can eat buffet, The food generally sucks. Yam buns? Cold, Wet, Limpy Sphagetti? As the local girls would say, Eeeeeyyyyeeerrrrrrr........ and i would add, ......Yucka, Yucker. It was at he dinner table that Eng Hock got told by a couple of BRATs that he didn't like me. Hahahahaha; big laugh I tell you! =D It kinda reminds me of the time that I told Poh Si that Matthew didn't like me very much and he told Poh Si vice versa. =D Perhaps people need to be more direct in relations of people to people relationships; either the good books or the bad books. Hmm... It was then all of them also realised that I'm the only female friend left after Beatrice left for Perth. Dominerring female, I like the sound of that >=D

After dinner, Daryan left first. Not that i wanted him to leave but he just couldn't stop singing opera eversince we heard it playing in Pyramid. No hard feelings there =) Azri stuck around for awhile while we took photo's around my Kelisa of me and him fooling aorund with the number plate, him and eng hock standing by the car and a freeze shot of me 'spanking' Azri while he lay on my car Hehehe. Eng Hock and Darrell stuck a little more longer and we chatted it the mosquito infested, frog croaking polluted air until 10:30 pm.

Back to being vain... Eversince, Jirwan commented on the size of my thighs, I just felt so put off with myself, I wasted RM14.95 on an all you can eat buffet last night knowing very well i can still sustain the digestive capacity of a gulper eel. I Need to do something about my butt and thighs! URRRGHHH!!! No it's not a ranting about a girl who is actually alright for a size but obsessively thinks she's fat. But more of the OUTCRY of a girl who IS on the chubby side and AFFIRMITATIVELY (is there such a word?) KNOWS she resembles a hippopotamus.

"Step 6. Melt Away Fat: Strength training will tone legs but to make your efforts visible, you need to melt the fat over you muscle. This can only happen when you do intense cardio training- at least 45minutes a day, six times a week. So go dancing or get on that treadmill."- Singapore's Women's Weekly, November 2003 Issue.

Do I have to? I never had this passion for exercise at all =(

" You need serious amount of will power but if you're vain, you can do it." Teh Eng Hock, 25th October 2003.

>=D No problem then =D This is the perfect excuse to go shopping for a pair of snug Nike Dri Fits, new bottles of Nivea Q10 dirming cream. my oh so favourite bottle of Body shop's Cocoa butter lotion and strolls around Taman Tasik Permaisuri hoping to bum p into a cute guy. I'm also considering the thought of Epilation but that would come after i get the legs toned down. This I vow for both now and my furture new year's resolution; that i will have the most shapliest legs and butt by March 2004. Kate Hudson, eat your heart out! Heheheheh

As for my arms, i will leave that till another time or just replace Silberberg, Campbell, Brown, Raven & Berg, Latimer & Mc Murry with Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology, Cellular Metabolism, Genetics and Agriculture books. Bend those triceps =)))

I'll come up with a plan by tonight *crosses fingers* Hopefully =D


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