Fantasy vs Reality

Dear readers, much apologies for the inconsistency of blog entries.Wait a sec... Why am I apologising in the first place? It's my blog kekekeke... but i'll keep this entry long to make up for the rest of the days new entries were absent. Anyways, i had my last killer paper on the 3rd. Let's not even mention how tough it was. If any of you read the papers with the title,"19yr old girl plunges to her death after receiving results" on the 5th of December; no prizes for guessing who it could be. The confounded results just have to come out on the day of release for Lord of The Rings: The Two Kings. What a mood deflater... I will probably dream of Gandalf saying "You shall not pass...CHM1022" All I want is a pass, Even an NP will do!!! Serves me right for playing too much Dark Cloud 2

Dark Cloud 2... I've been dating the PS2 the three days. 12 solid hours on the chair per day. Only getting up to pick Ash from school and for dinner. The old April feels so revived! It's not only a combination of surround battle style simillar to Squaresoft's Kingdom Hearts but it also incorporates all the necessary elements of an RPG time travel, weapon upgrade, collection of secret items dig this... the even have photography levels, town building simulations, invention concepts, and heheh a game of golf like proportions called Spheda. One thing bad about it is that it doesn't have character upgrades cept for in the context of defense and HP (That's short for health points for non serious gamers ou there) extensions. So no magic junctions and elemental attack recharges are limited to only 3 slots...But it's super hard the dungeons are super big and long,... I've never played such a hard game eversince i played the undead in warcraft 3 trying to protect Kel Thuzad from being ambushed by..was it the humans or the night elfs? Any hoo, It's a bloody good game if it keeps me pacified for a good dozen hours. But just today at around 1pm, +800 GMT, Ms. Yim switched games from Dark Cloud 2 to Harvest Moon 2: Save the Homeland. Why Stop palying Dark Cloud 2 when i'm only up to Chapter 3, The Sage Who Became a Star. Because well, I forgot to take a photo of the dark ship and was enthutiastically slashing Gespard down... There goes my ABS (ability spheres) weapon upgrade.

Mmm.. and does anyone remember about the exercise regime i wanted to put myself through... i had initially bright ideas to join a gym in subang together with Choo Ki & Felicia to do some dancing, kickboxing and aerobics. But mom and dad disapproved of paying the meagre fees just because i didn't get up to buy lunch for them. What lah... and they were so lazy to do it themselves. So i planned to go buy the Nike Dri Fits right after the CHM1022 paper as well. Till I heard it was going for 100 plus for the top!!!??? Thats friggin' highway robbery!!! Scratch that idea then. And by 5pm the day before i wanted to go jogging on the 4th of November 2003, it struck me that I was the only nut on holiday. Impossible to get to Cheras's Taman Tasik Permaisuri before the sun starts to show off with all the morning jam. And the conclusion would be...I'm stuck at home with the dancing mat, my four wonderful, beautiful dogs to walk and the exercise machines. 30 minutes today and I'm already flat out. I probably will do the rest of the other 45 minutes later just before taking a bathe and getting ready to go out with Lydia and Hsu Pheen for steamboat in Shamelin.

So after that fatal paper I called up Lydia for a cuppa in Ampang. Before that we stopped by in Ampang point so that I may have a happy belly! Makan lagi kat the Taiwanese Noodle house and I must say that my GF's knew me so well that Lydia could tell i was gonna order Beef Glass Noodles. We also stopped by Padini to get really cheap clothes. This is one reason why I love Padini. They sell cheap clothes!!! Although the colours are super ridiculous you get some shades like hmmm... bright green, bright orange and dark purple with words printed out as holograms; the sizes not catering for the common Malaysian sizes; and, the accessories accompanying the clothes are really 1980's Hong Kong night club looking (No insults to the Hong Kee People intended) but if you know how to mix and match here and there, voila. Super looks for a super low price. (The size caters to my size though! Whee!!!) I got a pair of lilac stringed up shorts, the Christina Aguilera kind and an army green tank top with gold thread patterns, both for 6 bucks! And that's not 6 bucks each piece FYI... *Yes, girls, stop gwaking... it's less than 1 USD per piece. AND a very pink denim material like jacket for 9 bucks! I feel a sudden increase in my level of 'Bargain Hunter'! Later, down the escalator we go to get to the ground floor. This guy standing behind Lydia holding his mobile with the right hand and scratching his crotch with the other suddenly tapped Lydia on the shoulder and asked...

"Excuse me?"

"Huh???" replied a startled Lydia

"Your friend over there is calling you."

April even more surprised, "What friend?"

Both heads turn to the first floor where this guy in his mid 30s sporting the ugliest yellow shirt and a cigarette in his right hand. He was smiling at us like some really perverted bastard. (Note: Both me and Lydia were very, very decently dressed at that time) The though of them being accomplices with nasty ideas suddenly struck me. Right after that I opened my purse to see my wallet and mobile still there.

"Yah horrr?!" stated Lydia and started checking her purse as well.

Can anybody say "freaky"? Not that the guy was good looking or anything but he looked like a samseng with a big mouth, sleeked hair and the gold jewellery!

Sipping my forever favourite, Iced Caramel Latte me and Lydia got into this conversation about guys. She was telling me about how attendance to a family wedding for a cousin turned out to be one of the unhappiest times. She was 30 something, single, and the oldest generation of the family was telling her to just take anyguy that courts her. Poor girl, she musta felt so pressured. From then on we both realised that both of us fear of still being alone by that age. I remember talking to Wan Feng's mom regarding the proper age of marriage...

"See that dress Wan Feng is wearing? That's auntie's engagement dress. Auntie got married at a very young age..but in those day's it was already considered a decent marriage age."

Having to totally agree for that. I asked, "So Wan Huei should be getting married soon shouldn't she?" (Wan Huei is the eldest in the Lum family with Wan Feng being child no. 3 so you should have a fair idea on what her age is if i say Wan Feng's my age and the age between the sisters are abt 2-3 years apart.)

"No lah, nowaday's both girls and boys want career first before marriage. The trend is now to marry at about 30"

It was then that this flashed through my mind...


No offense to my cousins who are just got married at that age. One of the worst things i fear is still having no one by the age of 25. by calculating all necessary time.. 3 years minumum to date the guy and establish a stable understanding relationship, 6 months to 1 yr of marriage planning,.. that will put me at a vunurable age 29! GAK!!! But then again, I must not rush off into a relationship...that would sound so... desperate. You would never see me advertise myself looking for a guy and choosing the 'serious relationship' button on my Friendster. Reality says...screw fantasy reality is here to stay

The conclusion we personally both drew to bring us out of the dismal state,...we can still dream and believe that there will be a man there; and if he comes, he comes. There is also no THE ONE but a wide selection which i can pick my fancy. Just depends on whether both sides want to make it work. =) there...

Long enough I hope =D