It's raining and I'm fishing

...that is in the Game of Dark Cloud 2. Oh my bloody goodness I just reaised my ENV1616 paper is not to far away and here I am, playing fishing simulation games... I keep saying that i will go on studying after I finish each dungeon but procrasination, is after all my greatest enemy and i believe was noted down in my name analysis as my downfall. Darn it.

Ohhhh $@#%!!! I got incapacitated by a Flintol. Crap. I feel both thankful and crappy though. Thankful that i can get back to studying and crappy that I waster so much time to be KO-ed by a rolling turtle.

Starting tonight, my parents will be off to China for a week. Ash will be in Tmn Desa to order some kids around until the 13th starting from tomorrow. So my house will be basically really quiet and I'm offering anyone of you out there a chance to come gate crash my place and throw a mini party or something. Please tell me in advance tho =D.

By the by, A heartiest Congratulations to my ex coursemate, for bagging the title of Miss Malaysia Chinese International at the tender age of 19. May you have as much luck in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. =D

My guilty conscience beckons me to study Mycorrizhea and dipterocarps now. Ciao ciao till after Tuesday..