2003...The year that was

2003…The year that was
Good News, & Bad News.

The best thing that happened to me
- 10,000 lab report was worth it
- I got asked by the guy I liked for along time
- I enjoyed every moment of the point above
- I think I will enjoy Biotechnology instead of Environmental Science.
- Was one of the first BRATs to be invited for the BRATs year end trip to Mabul.
- This blog ^-^
- Friendster ^-^
- I can now sue people with the new skills I learnt in BTW1200 Hehehe… *Rubs hands gleefully*
- My ‘Michelle Branch-looking’ semi-acoustic guitar.
- I saw the ‘Mahligai’ house in Bukit Damansara twice ^-^
- I got my Boots Dewberry Spray!!! YEAY!
- Inspiration to play the electric guitar.
- The VCD raid that just happened on 30th December.
- Knowing I can still make it to first class honours, hopefully.
- Skipping the Frog Dissection lab
- I’ve done more charity this year.

Worst thing that happened to me
- Got dumped by the guy I liked for a long time
- Environmental Management, which was my first choice course was taken off the School of Engineering and Science, Monash University Malaysia.
- Had to decline the Mabul trip for security reasons.
- Frog Dissection
- Frog stuck on car window
- Got bad mouthed by my own classmate.
- Melissa left for the states.
- I haven’t been star-gazing in a while 
- Multiple breakdowns and depressions
- My sister discovering Prince Of Tennis.
- My doggies fought more seriously.

Units of junk food consumed in 2003.
- 20 plus units of Frito-Lays Cheetos
- 100 cups of Nestle’s instant Teh Tarik.
- 30 tubes of Vita C
- 20 tubes of Halls Honey Flavoured Drops
- 20 tins of Horlicks Smooth Choco
- 30 plus units of Coffee Bean’s
- 2 boxes of Guylian
- 1 packet of Cadbury’s Fredo
- 15 packets of Arnott’s Tim Tam
- 2 Australian Beef Pies
- Alcohol units consumed (servings) =3
- KFC’s Cheesy Wedges = 15 units
- Gardenia Strawberry Squiggles= 20+ units

Emotional & Physical Health.
Breakdowns: more than 100 because of haih…him
Burnouts: 1
Diarrhoea: 2
Cough: 1
Fever: 1
Flu: 1
Ulcers: 6 at least
Miscellaneous: Wisdom Tooth ache on the left bottom jaw

Friends and social life.
Enemies made this year: 5 + definitely.
Friends made this year: 100+ ?
Friendster Friends List size: 116
ICQ List Size:
Invitations accepted: Approx. 20
Invitations declined: Approx 10
Realised that I got checked out: 2
Repaired & rekindled friendships: 10 +

Proudest Moments.
- Doing charity for everyone I can again, under BRATs
- 9.8 Lab report!
- Handling that very rough September week
- Purchase two different colours of the same Naf Naf Spaghetti straps.
- Staying from as early as 9:00a.m till 10:00pm in the library almost everynight and actually having input.
- Veni, Vedi, Vici, Business Law…this means I can still do things beyond the aspects of scientific knowledge.

Most Embarrassing moments.
- When Dad simply called out Lik Wen’s name out loud in public.

My bad…
Items lost: 20 + Including, one student ID, an American Express card with a Bonuslink card
Objects broken: 1 Life book keyboard, 2 test tubes (1 from overheating Tollen’s reagent), 1 glass rod. 1 Nokia 5510 phone (from constant dropping), 1 Jade Vase.

Organisms killed.
- More than 30 mosquitos
- 20 soldier ants
- 100 worker ants
- 1 small frog
- 1 lab rat for the sake of BIO1022
- 50 plus Drosophila melanogaster

Personal Life
Boyfriends: 1
Break ups:1
Chatted up guy: 0
Guys that were/are interested: 2
Guys that was/is/were/are not interested in: 2

Skills picked up.
- Polished my Latin
- Guitar, barring and palm mutes included ^-^
- Japanese Kanji and vocabulary
- Laboratory management skills improved
- Web development and HTML skills
- Make up skills; learning to use the eyelash curler properly
- Improved KL driving skills
- Report writing
- LOL! Law! That is something soooo out of my bounds.
- Resume writing
- A little salsa ;)
- Driving cars larger than my Kelisa.
- Customer relations and PR.

Kilometres driven: approx. 30,000 km
No. of accidents: 2
She now feels: Estatic!