28 scrumptious thoughts for the 28th

1) April learnt how to make sales, accounts, and operate the credit card machine!

2) A BRAT named yiwen SMSed me today and asked me if I was going to Rohan's party. Of course I went like, "huh? who is this Rohan guy". Then Yi Wen says, "What the hell do you mean you don't know". So then I invited her, "Please do yell at me if It slipped my mind". "Don't you remember? Arvind's brother, Jenny's bf." Okay so dammit, I don't remember, I think I musta let Rohan down and Yi Wen, if he knew me or something. But, heck I didn't even get an invitation. Alvin and I thought it must be some LOTR prank inspired by the ROTK release.

3) April came back home to realise that she left her phone in the office. Silly me! =P

4) Today there was this malay lady that came in I served her and she bought a whole lot of things, good god, it was like she must really love the baby she's purchasing for. So bad of me to make her wait while I was single handedly managing all the sudden rush of sales. When she gave me her card, I just wrote Nor Alia Lee, on the sale book and charged her card. Then Nurul comes and tell me, do you know she is a famous local drama actress? Hehehe...oopsie!

5) I tried my best to help two parents to make their child try out a stroller. San-san was just a bit too minded with the toys up front to bother helping her parents out.

6) In order to save money, I thought maybe I could switch to a warm, freshly prepared Mc Egg for a few days instead of soggy prepacked lunch. Thinking it was RM0.99 or something. Nopes... double that price so hahah it's a no go.

7) I've been thinking that I will need a new bag since my Miss Selfridge bag gave way and I definitely need a new wallet, think I'll purchase one of those long slim, womanly wallets from MNG; On the next sale of course.

8) My blog is finally in the Great Malaysian Blog List =D

9) I had chinese tea to work today, I think it does wonders in keeping me awake =D

10) I developed the photos that I told Lydia & Hsu Pheen 'will take ages to be used up'. Pictures will come soon when I arrive home on the 31st. There goes RM24.40! sniff sniff...

11) I have given up hope to stinge tomorrow and will satisfy my craving for warm food with a yee mee at Arena tomorrow.

12) My third finger is still giving me sharp splinter pains...from doing too many John Mayer pull offs on the guitar. So I can't type with it. =P

13) I composed the introduction to 'Qing Tian' (by Jay Chou) after realising how close it is to the intro of Goo Goo Dolls' 'Slide'. This is how 'Slide' goes...
Capo fret 1

and 'Qing Tian' goes something like...
Capo fret 1

15) I finished my supply of delicious brandy loaded fruit cake! Crap...

16) My wisdom tooth didn't hurt much today! Yay!

17) It's nice to know that Lindsay wanted to surprise me yesterday when I was at work. She tot I was working at another store and gave up trying to find me =D. Thanks leenzy, maybe next time then we'll definitely go out shopping.

18) Uncle Ken Sheng will be back for Chinese New Year....Gimme, gimme ang pow! Hehheheh.

19) Most of my classmates got rejected to do the Australian campus exchange programme. I wonder why...? *Grinch smile*

20) RM5,000 sales todya =) Delightful!

21) I spent one day's income already....that really really sucks...

22) Two ladies came in today and asked me if we sold potties. So i showed them the musical potty and the folded seat potty, and the potty with flush action. And she asked me for the 'traditional' potty. Me nearly burst out laughing hearing that potties that I once used already became traditional.

23) I think I'm beginning to crave a latte.

24) I think I will do what I did today and eat dinner at home, to save some dough ^-^

25) Welcome to the online world, my mom called me up yesterday to make sure that I didn't spend the last remaining RM2.00 on his personal jaring account. So I used his company account! Wahahahha!

26) It's nice to finally see Hsu Pheen & Lydia online at the same time

27) Dee Lern got his 3200! Way to go man!

28) *Hugs Lydia* Everythings gonna be alright =D Just wait and see.