It's all about babies!

In the Baby store, stuck for a whole day. My first day at work =D and what do I get? My mom and sister, come down 30 km. to do the following.

1) Walk past the shop, peer in to look for me and snicker. (Ahh...how nice of them to visit me)

2) Run past the shop, look through the shelves to find me and laugh. (Then again, I'm suspecting they came all the way to mock me)

3) Dash past the shop to see me entertaining customers and giggle. (Now I know it's on purpose)

Talk about moral support man...sheesh.

Well, you know what, I actually enjoy my work at the baby store =D. Despite the lack of good pay and uniform lunch hours (I had my lunch at 4 today) I actually fringed many benefits. I managed to pick up a few coaxing and persuasion skills which sold me two car seats, a stroller and many other things.

Making many infant friends was part of this wonderful job. It was thrilling their faces exploding into crevasses of dimples when all i had to do was wave, jingle the bell charm on my bracelet, and flash flying kisses to those cuties.

I've never criticised adults so much in one day. Delicious to watch them do silly things to make their kids happy. These actions include, mumbling tongue/lip rolling, salivating incomprehensible vocabulary despite all the education to get them to their current carreer, throwing their hands around and playing/testing out the toys more than their offspring do. It's also amazing to see the diversity of shapes, sizes and appearances and you start to wonder how can two parts of unequal puzzles can actually fit together to form something new. I shall not comment further =D

All I can say now is that, I'm super, super tired cause I cut down my food intake to save money and heheh well I did not get decent sleep last night =D Goo-goo night =P


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