Carols & Hymns

This is the second time I went to church on a Christmas event. Last year was at this really large church next to East In hotel @ Section 16 PJ. Suet May's was having this large Christmas Pageant/Production thing.

Today's event was a mass service of 1,500 people @ Flamingo Hotel, Ampang. Lydia's church from Desa Melawati. Wahh....bigger than Suet May's event, in a sense that there was more people. Finally I got to meet the two guys she talked about the most. Shannon (Is that how you spell it Lyd? Or maybe Shannen) and Samuel. Also got to meet the chick of the church, Mel. Will post up pictures when i finish using the roll of film...which would probably be in a long time. Shannon/Shannen din look the way I pictured him. Total opposite of my view of a skinny fair indian dude. Nevertheless, a gentle giant who took interest in one of us. *wink, wink to Seputeh* Samuel, looked like a real decent guy, I think people would be attracted to him for his charisma...but then hehehe, i know a few things lah...Pretty yau-yeng on the congas tho =)P

The only this I was really attracted to was the guitarist. Not the old guy playing the semi-acoustic or the bass player...The electric guitarist *raises eyebrows*. No looks lah the guy, although tall. The correct phrase would be captured by his passion and the maze of crinkles on his forehead when he was playing the carols. *Adds eloectric guitar to 2004 list*

Last night was quite the blast, although Hsu Pheen arrived late. I think I ate so much I felt a tire around the waist area. I got a red earth Nail polish from Sean and Shannen.

Well anyways, I will be starting work on the 27th... and moving to Taman Tun for the mean time. So if anyone of you do drop by that area please do drop by for a visit =)P

Merry Christmas again =D

P.S. just to share the x mas spirit around the world. This is Beatrice, playing Santarina in Perth =D