Wisdom keeps me awake

The last molar on the my left side is wanting to celebrate it's birth and see the world. To the other teeth it's a most joyous event that they have a new brother and try to make space in their vessel. On my side, I see this tooth as a nasty pain in the jaw, fiercely advertising the coming of age. Well, my dentist told me two months ago (when I got to get my teeth cleaned) that the wisdom tooth was due two years later. Not now! You're coming out 22 months to soon!

Hmm...but then again, it could be caused by mumps....but my cheeks don't feel puffed up. Aiyer...I don't want an operation that's gonna cost 1K just to remove the teeth, I just may have enough space to let it grow, plus I don't have the time to visit the dentist now. Pretty lazy to go through all the fuss of appointments and looking for parking spaces in the Sunway commercial area, or worse, PJ old town.

The pain is more or less an eclectic blend of sensations. Equivalent to biting on your gum a whole night's slumber, an air-filled gum, mantle tearing through the gum. Nerves down there are doing occassional percussion sessions giving out a throbbing pain on and off. I took painkillers at 3 am, and I'm awake 15 minutes before 6am. I'm not gonna take another pain killer dammit... Hsu Pheen already said I was like a pyschoneurotic patient....always on drugs. Its bad enough that I get allergies everyday from yet to be identified allergens, I have to have PMS and a maturing tooth at the same go.

This sooooooooo sucks. Hmm....if the pain becomes really intolerable. ONLY THEN shall I resort to the dentist, I don't think I want to risk time and money just to go for a checkup with the dentist telling me to come back in 22 months. Well not to extremes that when the pain affects the optic and olfactory nerves ;)P (You must be nuts!)

Note: I really don't feel any wiser. (INSERT BIG HOMER SIMPSON *DOH!* HERE.)
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