Poochie and Froo Froo

"This is the first time I've seen you rush home.' -Lum Wan Feng- 20:32, 27th October 2003

So yeah, I've never been to excited when the time came to go home. The only thing I looked foward to if i had to go back was a nice 90 degrees celcius hot shower and a set of clean clothes. But last night dad promised us Crab in Jalan Klang Lama. Not that my immune system is able to withstand the after effects that i get after consuming crustaceans but I miss squashing Hai Peng's fried Mee Hoon into toasted bread. And so we left the house at around 21:30, it was then i realised, halfway through Sungai Besi, that he intended to go to the branch in SS2 all the way to SS2 to find it's closed. No Crab for April...Sniff, then to OUG, then to Pudu to settle with Ipoh Fei Por Kaei. We could have gotten to Seremban with all that petrol wasted =P

My beautiful silver Kelisa looks like a normal KL car from the back, but on the other hand, it looks like a car registered in Kedah in the front??? Thank you Felicia, for bringing it to my attention (I will definitely bring the scientific calculator for Fedelia tomorrow). See, on the way back home from Pudu, my father met with two little doggies on the side of the road. Let's just name them Froo Froo and Poochiekins. Froo froo and Poochiekins were having their daily nightly stroll near Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Dato' Abu Bakar (my first old school!) in Jalan Davis constantly giving each other the boos to send either one of themselves sprinting away in fear. It just so happen that last night, Poochie and Froo Froo were doing their thang, Froo Froo wanted to give Poochie a big scare. When a silver Kelisa driven by a man in his late 40's approached them and accidentaly knocked Poochie down =(. But not to worry folks, Poochie is got up away and he wasn't even limping.

I managed to cover so much of my law yesterday =D So i may have been pretty blur when Ee Lyn was telling me why the answer was bla, bla, bla and not yotta, yotta, yotta; it kinda got worse when we went to see the classy Ms. Elsa and she said 'greek greek greek' to us. Too much, I'm gonna abandon biology and study my law as hard as i can! Eventually i got to cover ss 558 G Corporations Act 2001, s52 of the Trade Practices Act and it's remedies, s82 and s87, contra preferentum, injuction, four corners. By 19:00 i shifted gears to BIO1022 and i couldn't remember what the hell is a rRNA... My bio is doomed unless I take out my secret weapon =D, So,... Anyone wanna know what happened when I took my Law paper? In a flurry of latin and peppers of English,...
Veni, Vedi Vici law paper!

I'd like to thank Ms Elsa for covering the BTW1200 1st Semester Paper 2002, Thank you Shing Ying for forcing me to go for the extra class, Thank you Ee Lyn for getting me into the hype of exclusion clauses in express terms of the contract =D

Mmmm... banana chocolate cake.... *Munch munch*

Mel, glad to know you got the card. *salutes the north west direction* And finally Mei Ai writes... tsk tsk.

Sigh,.. I have just disconnected from ICQ, and I'm running away from something I still want to cling to. Better run. Reminds me of this song (I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it)

"Time Stands Still"

Him and her
Life is turned.
The day I knew you would leave
I can barely breath
Can you hear me scream

O-o-o thrown in all directions
You epitome of perfection
She's lost her will,
time is standing still

He walks, her, home
Now he walks a-lone
The days they turn into years
The eyes they drown in tears
Can you hear me scream

O-o-o thrown in all directions
You epitome of perfection
She's lost her will,
time is standing still

The way we are the way they were
(It's just a shadow of what's wrong)
The time with you the time is stirred
(I love you for , so long)
The hearts they turn, they turn away
(she says to go please don't you cry)
Love lost was found, night turns to day

Time is standing still

-All American Rejects-

Ciao ciao...going to study bio