Lookin towards the next semester

Maybe it was a good idea for mom to clean my room. I can finally see things in a different light. (Literally, cause the lighting seems to have improved on my study desk without the books crowding the area) I packed in my Genetics notes with the rest of my past year academic notes and realised...wow...I did really read A LOT! *Looks at the impressive mountain of notes and hardcover text books* There's actually really more in the drawer chest :P

After hearing Lydia and Hsu Pheen talk about their academics a fizz of fear for my second year that's about to start. I mean I read THAT much *gestures to the bunch of books and loose leavelets of A4 paper gathered in the low bookshelf* How much will I have to read come second year;...and then *shudders* third year? I can remember every corner of Tommy's mouth moving to "...half the bunch usually fail Dr Ton's Cellular Metabolism paper." Wow...I thought that Biochemistry would be harder than Cell Met. This really surprises me.

Krebs cycle...ewww... all that, ATP, GDP, GTP, Acetyl Co A. Glycolysis....The 10 step transformation of Glucose to Pyruvate. Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosporylation. *knocks her head to empty whatever remaining memory she has left of cellular processes involving energy until something finally falls out* Final Fantasy??? How did that get in there??? *grin* I'm sooo... X_X if I don't study hard and smart next semester.

Re-enrolled again today to abandon Ecology and opt for Microeconomics. Sayonara to the three field trips and time out in the forest and say hello to 70% Final Exam and 30% Assignment. I really hope I can push up my marks for this by flexing a few argument skills.

Crap man, If only I could be like my senior who sits down to mamak every week with his Leo Friends and take things really easily. *Subconcious mind starts ticking: Understand that he's 23 April, and you will be only 21 when you sit for the last year. Tommy himself is 24 and doing his Honours* That really doesn't make a difference...talk about the gal called Nazneen then... pffttt... or even better....Bairavee. We all can't have everything... Bairavee may have been a 15 year old who could argue about the destructive theory and quarks about me in Physics, had a Mensa IQ of 148 and is a genius on the piano; but then you could quickly see that she lacked ample gradual growth exposure.

Ahh screw that, I'll make sure I turn out fine regardless of my age or whatever schit I encounted ;)