You know what, some BRATs just can't keep their big mouths shut. You tell them something for their own good, treat them nice and well and they go mis-using your name and spoiling your relationship with other people. Can't you just keep your opinions and what you hear to yourself and for God's sake, don't twist things around! You're such a bitch man. How do I know? Ohhh... don't think I don't know. What ever you say can come back to its place like it or not. One person like you could just spoil my day. I'm not surprised it's you who sparked off recent rumours for another BRAT. No wonder a shit load of people don't like you. Never EVER spread things unless you have the authority and have confirmed the subject of the one you speak of from him or herself! *pant...pant...*

.........Baka yaro.

If you ever see or feel that I'm bloody well ignoring you then YES, you are the friggin culprit; I hope I don't even bump into you until you get your senses right.