One post before leaving for work tomorrow

*entry under construction*

A bloody long time before getting a kick to write in an entry. Work and CNY just got me all tired out and drained of energy. I have also other reasons why I haven't been posting but since I haven't finished them yet, I won't scan them to show to the world yet.

CNY this year just seems so empty and sooo boring. Eversince the family split apart, Not ppl just come to the family reunions anymore....sigh

Well, while going out with Hsu Pheen for coffee in Ampang today, I managed to bump into Azni and Syamira. My Good Old Beta Classmates. Honestly I didn't recognise Syamira at all until she started flinging and wiggling her hands in delight while covering her mouth.

Rene just passed me some of the photos she and Florence took. Call it self praise and self marketing, but I'm just so happy I managed to get hold of the photos Rene has kept promising to pass to me for so long >-<

This is me doing the respectful duty of a younger relative serving tea to my cousin Derek and his new wife, Alice

This is the picture of me shocked at catching my latest Alice's bouquet >=)P

And this is me playing the Gu Zheng that evening =)