Oww...my feet hurt

from standing up too much. In addition to that for some odd reason, April has developed swellings on the joint of the foot to the lower leg and another one somewhere above the big toe. This made April look very silly today sporting a purple Planet Hollywood shirt, white jogging tracks and elvish shoes that you will find of the feet of santa's little helpers; for work today. April does not usually have such bad fashion taste, honestly.

Anyway open day was quite the blast. First round I was assigned to campus tour and group A1 whose lunch break starts at 11. See, campus tours start every 15 minutes and the first one started at 10.30. Due to the fact that many student helpers were assigned to the campus tour booth, I had the luxury of sitting down for half an hour playing 'Pandemonium' on my N-gage before scuttling off to a very spicy and sorrowful lunch.

12pm and I was supposed to wear that dumb dunce cap to stand by the reception booth. You know, receptionists are great people. They can cope with the tonnes of phone calls and memos and still make jokes out of my name. Really nice ladies. I was abit bothered by not being able to attend the lecture by Dr. Kon, who happens to be my relative for the talk on biotech. It was then till I heard Chua talking managing his talk and then after a little nice asking got to meet my really successful relative =D So in total i only lepaked round the reception for 30 minutes max?

The rest of open day was spent in the comforts of the Honours lab, doing the following
# Explaning Drosophilla flies and corn to the 'ooohhh-ing' and 'ahhh-ing' crowds, together with the lab assistants and Helena.
# Gossiping with Tommy, Marina, Dat Wei, Shing Ying and Lynn in the Honours lab
# Playing with Dr. Khoo's aquarium room
# Admiring while bearing the smell of cute rodents
# Witnessing the aftermath of a child's curiosity pertaining to the eye shower in the newer labs
# Examining at how cool the Physical Containment unit is.

The thing is that, when I showed people around, I began to know that I do love my course. So every minute then onwards, I develop fragments of love for my course even more. Remembering Tommy's words however, I changed my Ecology elective to Microeconomics for personal future reasons. So yeah, I will be taking microeconomics next semester and pushing 'How Science Works' (taking Dr. Lim's advice) the following semester to make way for a microbiology elective with Dr. Ian Prince and other local lecturers.

Other things that I've learnt on open day, that I think that you have really changed, even other people say so. thank you for making me see that by telling me I have changed when it was YOU who changed =P peace.

Dairy Queen has finally opened opposite the placed I work and mann....mmmmm...I had the Snickers Blizzard today and a REAL CHILLI DOG! Never have i eaten such lovely chilli dog since I went to Florida. I love dairy queen. There goes my 52 kg by July resolution. Speaking of resolutions, I recently read an article about keeping those resolutions in the Star about 2 days ago. It says to reward my self after a resolution has been made. So i think I'll just aim for that 52 and then reward myself with a new handbag and wallet by the September sale (After all, the big sales only happen in Sept and Dec. not March)

*modifies resolution and also adds in... "Shop for clothes only when there is a sale and promotion"*

Other things learnt today, when a lady came in to the shop looking for a full time job but could barely speak english. Still single. So what does that tell you? Education is definitely important, as viewed from the perspective of many many people. So it's a big matter when it comes to education, It can get you to MANY PLACES in life. So who cares if its intimidating. My education will determine the use of my brains and myself and I don't care of it intimidates a prospective partner. Education has made me the person I am. I cud have been less intelligent and aware of my surroundings without it. So yes, I am proud of my education and I will definitely do my Masters!

Hmm...I've become to 'gambateh' in spirit =) Time to Snooze =)