Welcome a better year

Glad to know that I managed to post that last yearly report just in time =D A happy new year to everyone, may this new year bring you whatever your heart desires! I was working on my resolution list about two weeks ago and here's what I've come up with!

2004 Goals to achieve:

- I will not score lower than 75% for all tests
- Minimum 3HDs per semester
- Lab reports and assignments should all total up to 85%
- I will work my way to my Masters in Microbiology

- I will try to be less rough and more lady like.
- I will tone down the volume of my voice.
- I will try very hard not to brag or show off
- I will be less of a procrastinator
- Continue to put my nose away from other people’s business unless they want me to part of it.
- I will continue to be patient when explaining things to those who need to get it through their heads a number of times.
- I’ll be less vain.
- More Charity!

- Be nicer to my sister, or teach her a few lessons.
- Look out for my younger cousins
- Do a few things my aunt wants me to do
- Spend more time with my four, butt sniffing, four legged, tail wagging brothers and sisters.

- Raise bank account by RM1,000 at least
- Stop going to RM20 a plate restaurants fortnightly
- Cut down on phone credit, do not call people back when they miss call.
- Do not use ATM until very, very dire needs
- Do not intimidate people by carrying too much

- Offer help, only when I can help myself.
- Be less hoggy with information.
- Keep up protecting secrets when they are meant to be secrets
- Create more opportunities within the mandarin speaking kin

- I’ll expand my choice of Vegetables
- I’ll work out at least once a week
- Stand up straight with shoulders tossed back.
- Weigh up 52kg by July
- Cut down on junk food
- Cut down soft drinks
- Have scented candle burning + dimly lit room + soft/slow music sessions more often to unwind monthly.

Material Aims:
- I will save enough to buy my own Zildjian drum set Fender Electric Guitar with an amp. Of course ;)
- A very, very beautiful Prom Dress
- A heart shaped rose quartz crystal as a birthday gift to myself.
- A new, slim, ‘woman’ MNG wallet with a Naf Naf handbag by the next sale.

Personal Aims:
- I will be less of a flirt openly, but flirt in a hinting manner.
- I won’t rush in to anything
- Play hard to get.
- Will consider and take on options that would be best not for self, not for another but for both/all parties.
- Go star-gazing more often

Tough, but I'll make sure It'll be done. Happy 2004 people!