Factually, I'm actually really tired, slept at 3am on wednesday morning after doing lots and lots of sobbing and indulging in a spoonful of heavy dosage 'self-sympathy'. Work kinda tired me out as well. But then till now, I think I'll just leave things where its at again and try not to get jealous of couples hand in hand walking pass the place I work OR EVEN fascinate about having a loving husband helping push the stroller for our own product when I see an example coming in to the store.

Special thanks to those who sms-ed me and called me =D Thanks for being out there for me

The issue seemed less important after finding out that my mom was marked and robbed yesterday afternoon in Taman Tun. I was just about to use a charm to mark that friggin idiot down using some craft ;) and well he so stupidly called my mother to claim her bag, with another 7 more different bags. Hoho, caught lahhhh... Plate number WSP somemore. Here's a shoutout to all you bag snatchers out there, if i EVER catch you stealing any bag from anyone i know, I will bring down hell upon you even if it costs me part of my lifetime taken away from me as decided by the craft. =P YOU DINKY DONGS!

My family responded to the case in a kaleidoscope of reactions. My sister was ice bitchy princess, my dad became Mr. 'lets-get-ready-to-grumble', Uncle Rock just kept saying varied forms of the sentence 'I-told-you-so'. I for once, came home early after work, and was prepared to give my mom RM500 to use. My mom refused to take the money tho. Auntie Mindy, well, she was telling me...

"I'm proud of you April"

"Eh for what? I din sit for exam also?"

"At least you offered the money to your mother. Usually it's only people who work with a stable job that return dividens to their parents"

"Ah haih, 'sup sup sui' lah, I can buy my stuff another day, my mother needs the money more than I do. Besides, I'm working and I can survive on RM20 till i get my pay on Friday'

N-GAGE is finally launched in Malaysia as of recent, I did want to go down and try locking my deck in to the game port to battle other ppl but ahhh heck....I'm just sooooo damned tired
think i go tido now =) so i can remind Hsu Pheen abt the MC concert!!!!!