Today's entry in 3rd Person

Today April had fun spending her free hour from 7pm to 8pm in the store today! ^-^ She did a marathon run round the whole store after the supervisor left, turning and pushing every button that would result in a symphony of music. The result was a wonderful orchestra of 'Old Mac Donald', 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', 'Row, row row your boat' and some other rhymes that are alien to her own time =D

April met the laziest pair of auditors today. April had always had a stereotypical view of how auditors dressed and behave. She means, they ARE professionals. They didn't study so hard to get to nothing. Today's auditors left for a 2 hour lunch and a tea break? And they only did a random check. April shudders at even remembering what clothes they wore this evening.

April is still having a tough time with Web development at her newly open
Tabulas Journal

Joke of the day: When April was chatting with a random encounter who has not so good English, she defined flirting to him as 'Kau Chai' (Court Guy in Cantonese) he got confused and asked if it was 'Gau Chai' (Puppy in Cantonese)

Oh no...April just got hurt on icq for doing something she thought would be the right thing to do. She's very hurt. She thinks it will be another round of endless sobbing again.
She now feels: High, but after the chat, Upset