The best phone call

A short chat with a friend of mine made me realise that I really haven't cried enough or really detected where most of the issues arose from on my last relationship. My gratitude to that friend (and the other friend in the background) for awakening my senses and pointing out the real problems including my ignorance. ;) Thanks guys.

The real thank you goes out to another person.

Crying badly, soaking my last towel with clear salty mucus, I picked up the phone to make the longest (and very expensive) phone call to my Best Friend in Penang. She knows how deeply I felt cause she knew what happened and was in a simillar position and got the better out of it ^-^ She reminded me how much my friends love me, how I needed more therapeutic ME time. She tells me I deserve more for what I give and she and all of my friends will be there for me because I was always there for them. She tells me to change unconciously cause when you do it conciously, you expect people to notice your change; if it doesn't get noticed you get upset. She tells me to be more selfish now, say no, and tells me to go screw my "making people happy makes me happy theory"

An Yen, girl. This has been the best conversation I ever had for so long. Thank you for showing me the door and warning me to watch my road. I promise you, tomorrow I will go buy that lovely bag, watch Mona Lisa Smile by myself, pick my clothes, spoil myself silly and watch my diet by stopping unhealthy munching (i promise only low fat popcorn and a whole 1.5 Litre bottle of water in the cinnies)

I love myself. I love my height, I love myself for being able to be artistically inclined, I love the way I can lose weight so fast just by skipping a meal, I love my double eye lids, I love my dimples, I love my long fingernails, I love the way I drive wrecklessly well, I love being able to talk fast, I love being able to sleep standing up, I love being a skilled masseur, I love my beautifully blessed voice, I love my friends, I love my ability to connect with animals, I love being able to type fast, I love my family, I love my doggies, I love my pokemon card collection, I love my ability to write long lab reports, I love having one of the top genuine lab report scores in Uni history, I love being able to shop alot, I love having more than enough dough, I love my power of authority as a high class socialite, I love my taste in music, I love my ability as a gourmet, I love my art, I love looking at perfections, I love being able to speak Latin, I love my anime, I love to know I can kick a guys ass in computer games., I love being generous, I love taking care of my friends and family

So yes, Hahaha SCREW YOU if you missed out to know me. I'm very contented with myself.