What have you been up to?

My days as a staff in the baby shop are over! Whee!

Now, to prepare for the new semester. Just before March 1st literally 'casts it's dawn' upon my life, I've just got to review my resolutions and how my lifestyle (which will dramatically change from that day onwards) could alter any of them.

1. - I will not score lower than 75% for all test-
Oh boy, since my uni swapped my Genetics unit with Agriculture and Biotechnology all that preparation and reading and looking through the lab manuals; well, wasted for now. More over, I'm part of the batch taking Agriculture and Biotechnology for the second time since it's introduction last semester so you know...teething problems and problems adjusting for all of us.

2. Minimum 3HDs per semester
Yeah, if I don't complete the resolution above I can kiss those HD's goodbye.

3. Lab reports and assignments should all total up to 85%
Two things to say on this;
i) Please, please don't give me a fussy demonstrator.
ii) That's it, I start work on my lab reports as soon as I'm done and over with the lab itself.

4. I will try to be less rough and more lady like.
Activities like the streaking technique on microbiological experiments require great precision, concentration and delicate movements. No longer will I stir my solutions with the glass rod akin to using might to stir a melting pot of dodol, ask for assistance from one end of the computer lab like I'm selling fresh fish in the market nor will I comment too much about inconsiderate assholes in the library.
As for the lady like bit, since I need to watch my dress sense especially for microbiology, I will not allow myself to appear in spaghetti straps unaccompanied by a cardigan or anything that sheilds extra meat away from prying eyes. Recently I've purchased a number of button up blouses, A-line skirts and have been given pairs and pairs of slacks, so no one willl be seeing me in my minis and shorts as often as they used to.

5. I will be less vain
Expanding from the point above, it doesn't mean that because I nearly totally altered my wardrobe, I am still being very vain. I would prefer to define this as changing to allow others to see how I carry myself. Since I will soon be coming to a certain age I will have to upkeep and maintain the way I carry myself. No more sneakers unless I'm dressed to wear sneakers or if I'm working out. No more backpack, unless I'm going hiking or carrying way too much. Due to the fact that I need to watch my appearance it doesn't really mean no make up either,...No more bright pastel hues but Subtle earth tones for my make up. I'll make the effort to look as good as I can every morning.

6. Raise bank account by RM1,000 at least
This resolution has actually been performed so I'll save up to RM 2,000 instead. I'll be teaching starting from April onwards on weekends to earn some extra pocket money ^-^ Tuition is good money, so as they say and I'm expecting to earn a good RM600 a month for 12 hours of dedication. Just to add to the challenge, Dad and I came to an agreement where I have made him agree to stop financing my unusual eccentric lifestyle as a studying individual to let me take charge of my own financial conditions.

7. Weigh 52kg by July
Before you say things with any connection to "Oh here she goes again about her weight" Let me tell you this girl is over her normal BMI. I have still over 10 kilos to lose. I need other activities beside painting gates and fences to trim down. I have to lose 2.5 kilos a month to get there. Quite impossible to acheive since the Pink shop next to campus sells the most delicious cheese hot dogs and I will be back to my usual b'fast of two curry puffs and a cuppa teh tarik every morning. But note, I said Quite impossible cause I have lost 10 kilos in 1 1/2 months before and was soooo happy when Robert told me "You look like you lost a lot of weight" but then errr....bulimia is no good way to shed kilos.