Eggs and rice...the late night show interview

Ahh... Eggs and rice, eggs and rice, eggs and rice. That's what I have for dinner EVERYNIGHT while working. =P Call me fussy if you wish but I would very much prefer Sunny side up Omega eggs mushed in rice with soy sauce rather than chicken-that-has been-microwaved-so-many-times-that-it-makes-crinkly-noises OR orange coloured brocolli??? Yes...I'm not joking, overcooked until it's a shade of tangerine.

Voice from the audience:"Doesn't April ever get BORED of eggs and rice?"

April: "As a matter of fact, yes I do. I'm an absolutely sane person who deosn't believe that one meal in her life should taste bad. I mean I do LOVE eggs with rice, I've been eating combinations of the two even before I had teeth but things get boring after a while."

Voice from the audience 2: "What has April done about it?"

April: "Well, I did get invited out to have mmmm....Korean Steamboat sometime ago by a mutual friend."

Drew Carey: "Well what happened? Did it taste good?"

April: "What the??? Oh Hey Drew, nope I didn't even get to savour the fine flavours of the Asian peninsula up north. I took a small lunch *thinking of the supposed dinner I was suppose to have later on*, called the person to remind and wake the person up just an hour before that. Then, when i called to ask if this person was on the way, this person was still in bed and due to some complaints dinner had to be cancelled for the umpteenth time. Therefore I am MOST UPSET, TIRED AND HUNGRY! *Review my MSN name on the 4th of Feb for details*"

David Letterman: "I say kick his/her arse!"

April: "Glad you could join us Dave. I'm not a vindictive bitch....no I'm not. I'm just letting this person know I am SUPER let down. I feel like the dumps, and I feel even worse, cause as I type this "conversation" out, things that trigger thoughts that bring me to depression are set loose."

Larry King: "So what are these things I'm sure the viewers would like a piece of the pie."

April: "Things that I'd rather keep to myself thank you very much. But yeah, I had a BAD day...I had to play delivery girl to mont kiara, undercharged a customer 60 cents and was told that I can't take sunday off to spend time shopping with my friend, going to the TANGs sale, send off a present on sat nite or sipp coffee with my girlfriends... but not even a hint of guilt, remorse or regret in that persons voice, Dammit."

Oprah: Things should get better they always do. So cheer up and it's good to have you on.

April: Yeah...If I were Cinderella. Back to my eggs and rice then...*groan*