Baby politiks

Welcome to a world of diapers, strollers and cots. Drolling Inhabitants who love to put what ever what they can get their hands on into their mouths. Decision makers who kick up a big fuss when they don't get what they want.

So I said I enjoyed my job? Yeap yeap. I did.

Here's the scoop, company is absolutely lousy at paying staff on time. (No worries, me gonna take my punch card, stamp the company stamp ontop and photocopy it before passing it to the accountant.) Terrible at paying the suppliers even tho they have already sent the items on consignment. Boss in charge not bothere to chase after a well sought stroller since November. (And I find it so difficult to answer to the customers who have already delivered on why the stroller won't come). I'm being used as a scapegoat somemore. Showroom manager quits, leaving only 2 people on the job and we still haven't confirm the replacements for the manager or me when I quit on the 20th.

Despite the 40% off I'm getting off for specific products, KH's very very very cute son, other adorable drooling, puppy dog eyed kids, the chance to finally tell lawyers off at something they don't specialise in, screw fussy people left and right when debating over baby products, and getting praises from the boss and customers...I 'tak boleh tahan' any longer.

The hours are rather difficult to pass without having customers to serve or new stock to tag and plan displays for. Moreover it's the weird customers that bother me? Ladies come in to look for bottles for 5 year olds with a no spill teat & some are looking for strollers that will sit a lazy 4 yr old but aren't willing to pay the price? I'm also being terribly underpaid as a part timer cause yea, I work longer hours and longer stretches even when comparedto the manager or other full time staff. -_-

Ahh bullocks...no use complaining ^-^ THANK GOD I'm quitting! *does a split in mid air*

Right now, I'm hoping the big boss accepts the two new gals that applied for the job so I can take a break on Wednesday onwards. To get back home and comfortably sit @ ampang coffee bean sipping my favourite iced caramel latte followed by the scent of Lydia's Earl Grey Tea and the sound of Hsu Pheen's chatter.


Note of the week, On the last family Outing to celebrate Chap Goh Mei at Oversea's rest. @ Amcorp Mall, April digested a whole bowl of 'bayam'! Yeay!