Don't come to me

Don't you come to me now when you need me. When you need me DESPERATELY. When you need me to fulfill your needs. When you ask me to choose between throwing myself in the line of fire or slaughter whatever we have.

I'm not going to give in.

Stubborn, stubborn me. I refuse to photocopy work done by my senior. I refuse to seek the knowledge bank of others cause it wouldn't tally with mine.

You know how cunning that lecturer is. Your lab partners want to alter the results. You've finished your lab report already. You don't want to change the results. If you do, theres a possibility that your head will get snapped off by the lecturer. If you don't your lab mates will get into trouble for altering what they have. 3 Against 1. What are you going to do?

I suppose when I've told one of them I won't change the results means...I WON'T. Its not fair if I get caught yah? After all an experiment is open to errors and as long as there is a discussion on it...


I'm not going to share my lab reports/assignments anymore no matter how smart or generous you say I am. No more.

If you're thinking about it.