You'd loathe if you don't love

For self development and entertainment purposes, I slapped the missed balls against the green barrier while waiting for my turn at 20 forehand and backhand practices.

Rajiv :"Ask her to enjoy herself man"

Jak: "I can't tell her, it has to come from here" *thumps chest with fist*

Sue was struggling with her hits, constant misses and she shakes her head each time the ball flies behind her back.
My turn, *Slap, whack, miss, twhack, hit*

Sue:"Hey your shots have really improved."

Me: "It's been a month, I'd have to improve ^-^. Whaddabout you? You don't look like you're enjoying yourself"

Sue:"Don't worry bout me, I'm okay."

Me: " Seriously?"

Sue: "Yea yea"

Me: "Not to worry, I was like that too for the first three lessons."

At the end of 2 1/2 hours, Mr. Viji then asks us to play mini tennis,..against him....arrghhh. Coach calls me to the court by court side barrier to have a little chat before my turn.

Coach: "Just to let you know, despite your handicap, you're an encouragement to us. You're very determined to learn."

Me: "Thanks coach but to also let you know, I'm really enjoying myself"

This reminds me. For some reason, I have personal opinions to say that if you do want to do something well, you'd have to learn how to love it with utmost genuine sincerity. Because if you don't you might not make it far before you break.

No 'I-Think-So's

No 'I'm-not-sure's

Just determination and all that fuzzy feeling inside to take it to the next round.

Yeah, you and me both. I sure don't like rules that affix me to anything I have the least bit interest in. But then maybe if you could learn to love, then it shudn't be too bad and then you could use such development to put to use in the near coming future. Yet, love with all you can give. Not that I like lab reports, but I constantly cheer at the increasing workload and remind myself of how I should give my all, all the time. The harder it gets, the more I rejoice and the more I love.

At the end of tennis, having Indian food in SS3, you could see Sue did enjoy a few things about tennis; Jak being there and the company of others.So even though you can't hit the ball. There's always the company you make from it. If you get what I mean ;D