I should be ready ;)

The day tomorrow will begin with me flipping thorugh the pages of my Mankiw Microeconomics text book to see I have everything covered. Well I'm sure I would have everything covered by then. All I need is a pass for this paper, but I'll see if i can possibly squeeze in a HD or a C to the least.

Liquid corrector. Check

3 medium point blue kilometrico pens. Check

2 medium point black kilometrico pens Check

1 purple pilot pen for drawing the demand curve. Check

1 plastic see through ruler. Check

1 eraser. Check

My favourite Pilot Gen-X mech. pencil filled with pencil lead. Check

I think I'll include a red pen along with a green highlighter to mark tax revenue

The only things I don't have now is a tube of Orange Vita-C, French Vanilla Lip Balm, a large comfy jacket to keep me snug and a bottle of water. Three hours in the friggin freezing MPH of Monash. Brrr...wish me luck ;D

Till then, I'll just sit and chill to this wonderful song, dancing and twirling around the study with it blasting in the background!

*Will be out of contact tomorrow from 8am till 11.30am