You should have seen it

Not to say that I enjoy the sight of urbanisation taking up precious land, but today's view was a treat. After being severely mistreated by a skeleton named 'Franky' during a two hour R.E.M period; I decided to leave for uni at 6:15 am; much earlier than usual.Man, I haven't driven so early in my life eversince the day I left Taylors College. Felt kinda pretty drowsy and pumped up at the same time after 3 shots of Ipoh White Coffee.

With so much time on your hands, you can't help it but take on the leisurely course of doing things. I don't know if it happens for a people outside the plural of an individual like me; but when I pass by anything so gradually, I tend to fall in a mesmerised state. Same goes for the time I got caught in the moment of watching how the lights on LRT tracks flicker and motionlessly move with each passing track. The moment I spent by the pool side of Little Genting to see bands of small lights squeezing through other lighted blocks; the time I watched a band of stars peppering the burgundy sky from the limo sun roof.

If you don't look close enough at the LDP-kesas toll 40 minutes before dawn; me thinks all you'll see is an erected structure of steel and you start fussing about your wallet or coin compartment in the car to pass through the toll. Let me tell you what I saw. Red, green, orange yellow, white and yellow rays flashing and reflected off the surface of so many facades; splashing in to the dark sky bringing out hues of sapphire, maroon and azure. I stopped at the side with my hazard lights flashing for a good 1 minute to stare off in to a natural masterpiece. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me. =(

Absolutely beautiful. I wished at that point, I could share it with someone. At least if I had my camera, I can do more than verbally express it. Wish you were there.