Fun with knuckles and calenders

*Scenario where April finds it surprising that two months back to back have 31 days each. April turns to her sister...*

April: Ash, I know there are 31 days for August because of Independence day..

Ash: Like DUH!

April: But ermm...don't you find it odd that July has 31 days also???

Ash: Wait let me use my knuckles to count.

(As most of us probably know, some ppl use the knuckles to determine if the month has 31 days or 30 days....cept for February...duh! Stick your left fist out and the knuckle of the pinky would count as Jan with 31 days, the depression of the pinky and wedding finger knuckles counting as Feb without 31 days and then the wedding finger knuckle as March with 31 days...well you get the picture)

*Ashley counts to July and then says...*

Ash: Cher, it stops here...maybe if

*sticks the other fist together*

Ash: There! August is just the following knuckle from the right index finger!

April: Amazing. I NEVER KNEW THAT!

Ash: Me neither...until just now.

Amazing ain't it folks? Call me 'jakun' if I failed to realise such a wonder ^-^