Work Wanted

Does this look like the face of a workaholic? *no it looks like someone has nothing better to do

I have been up since 7 am cleaning, dusting, mopping and producing a few albums for my own pleasure. Having done so. I sit with absolutely nothing to do so I sleep twice in the afternoon and evening. The only accomplishment for the day was being able to find the Original Terrengganu Lekor or fried fish crackers at the Taman Maluri pasar malam

It's only been a week since the holidays started, and here I am waiting for the Clayton and Gippsland Past Year Papers to get printed out, and I'm typing the headings for future lab reports. Sooooo bored. I need to do something constructive, challenging, tiring and maybe make some cash out of it. Lets see...

Send multiple entries for any EVERY contest?
E-mail friends for once.
Clean the game station area
More cleaning
1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Aim to play like Eric Clapton by the end of the 3 weeks...that's too ambitious maybe Michelle Branch

So does anyone heard of any contest entries lately?