Army thingies

For the last three days, the Malaysian Armed Forces robbed the Sunway/Monash Parking lot for an exhibition of their own.

Fair enough, they can have the parking lot and have the whole road on the side gates as long as MPSJ can tell us decently to place our cars elsewhere without having to give warning notes.

After Instrumental Analysis lab on Friday, A couple of us braved the scorching sun, the smell of diesel and joined the many Malaysians in haze exposure. So yeah, we wanted to put our noses to see what is the big hoo hah all about.

Because I have not set foot in the aprking lot since Friday, I didn't notice the massive machines around the area. Tankers, portable units, boats, trucks, heavy artillery galore!

I played around the tank like a jungle gym...

Flirted with the most goodlooking army officer.

Played with things that explode... (You'd figure that these babies are pretty difficult to load when you try them).

Pinched the fake plastic display wound in the mobile operating theather.

And sampled some of the fine dishes you can cook up in the jungle with the four different menus in their jungle survival kit. They even have coffee and tea!

The only thing they didn't have was a portable toilet :D heee.. Oh Well, I guess i can let go of the issue of taking the parking lot. ;)


Maggie said...

The LMG & GPMG aren't that hard to load... no, seriously... loading them was the least of our problems! o_O