>:( of Malaysian roads

Asshole drivers => squeezing in a short distance/turn into a road when you're on that straight road or want to turn into a road they are coming from, without signalling; drivers on your tail that help you 'light up' ur life...for a few seconds; divers that throw shouts and jeers to get your attention,Large vehicles racing (particulary Klang), drivers who can't drive in a straight line.

Road users who treat roads like their spittoons or ash trays.

Minor and large crevasses that never seem to be filled up.

Oversized, over-lofty bumps..the kind that damages the car chasis.

Vehicles that fart thick black smoke.

Pedestrians that take their own sweet time to cross.

Kids who run around on roads expecting you to give way.

Accident. Stop. Stare.

Already sufficiently compensated Tolls, (I don't see how closing the tolls for 10 minutes will be a sign of patriotism on National day).

Road construction.

Roadkill... :(

the law when they have nothing better to do...


Maggie said...

Girl... you should have a brief run on the streets of India...
In addition to every menace Malaysia has on the roads (to the power of like one hundred), they also have the ever delightful cow...