Production and Stock woes.

For the past six months, I have been searching for the Johnson's and Johnson's baby milk bath even though I have 2packets of economy refill with me. As of current, I'm down to minus 2 packs and a 1/4 of a bottle of the wonderful cream bath with me.

No pharmacy, supermarket, mall or even cosmetics shop I have frequented the last 6 months had any stock of the refill. Quite pointless to buy a new bottle cause the refill would only cost RM7-8 for 750mL whilst the 1000mL bottled ones go for at least RM19.90.

You can't find much of the sunsilk leave in conditioner (smelt great, left itsy bits of glitter in the hair and most importantly, worked great)on the shelves or counters anymore.

No more Nokia 5510. They don't even sell the stereo headphones here for very cheap. (In sg, Orginal nokia stereo Headphones only go for SG$30)

No more Body Shop's moonflower in a delicate slim cylinder glass casing.

No more Pepsi blue in production.

No more Shrek themed oreo cookies.

No more Campbell's cream of potage.

No Baskin Robbins Tangerine cheesecake flavoured ice cream!

and now, I can't even find double A paper for my print materials at a decent price!

No Thanks to marketing and statistics.


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april yim said...

To our dismay maggie...
YES no more Pepsi blue...