Tick tick Boom! and what comes after

Eaves drops: Destiny’s Child’s Jumpin’ Jumpin’ ; Faith Hill’s This Kiss

I’ve developed a knack for being crabby and sticking myself into situations which make me blend thoughts of frustration.

‘Select a protein and explain how it’s structure is related to it’s function’

On the two days before the due date.

*Flip paper*
‘The structure of the Sodium Potassium Pump has yet to be confirmed’
I don’t believe this…

*Flips to the back of another paper*
‘There is much controversy in determination of the final structure of the pump’
Gwad no!

*Scans through textbook*
‘Not much is known on the structure of the pump’
I’m doomed…

Yes, I began to worry so much about my Protein essay for Biochemistry. Intuitive me just HAD TO select one protein different from the rest of the world to look exclusive. Very clever of me indeed. I became tumultuously bothered having to accept the high chance of me not passing the assignment.

Bloody hell. I was intimidated, I refused to admit it…

Until a great debacle of defeat came along with a mere credit for two instrumental reports. What the hell was wrong with me. Silly me actually got myself into a situation where I could not back out but succumb humbly to allowing someone copy my tutorial answers.

I just ended up blowing my ticker creating a salty mess out of it all.

Had to turn to some good sagely advice from Hann Yong who got worked up with me cause of my behavior. Nevermind that, I’ll ask a second opinion. Time to turn to Mommy dearest.

“What the heck April? I’ve never seen you so kiasu in my life! You can’t always be no. one girl”

That final 5 words brimmed incontestable positivity down all that stress. Okay, alright I’ll simmer down and see how things go later on.

Which did end up not too badly really.
I still have the respect of people around me, which means I still AM intimidating… mwahahahah. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share but neither should I share too much. That’s the last time someone borrows my tutorial answers.

Oh yeah…High Distinction for that essay! ;)

Less stressed, less kiasu, happy me.

Thanks piggie, Thanks Mommy.