One step at a time

I think like someone beyond my age.

I sure do dress like one sometimes.

I have been told I dispense advice like one and ACTUALLY refer them to others older than me.

I worry of things yet to come. Is what I know enough to flatter my resume? How much would I pass to mom for every monthly paycheck? Would I want to change my jobs in the 30 year lifespan of my career? Do I even want to work for 30 years?

Thoughts on being the eldest: What kind of example would I set for my sister? How would I handle the issues concerning my parents when they weaken with age?

Would my husband be supportive of me? What kind of mom would I be? What codes shall I drill into my children so that they may pass it on to my grandchildren. Heck, will I even get married?

Planning is good, but when plans get carried off so far into thoughts you end up being nothing but a worried nutcase.

My friends tell me I'm growing so old for someone my age. Am I?

I think too much huh? Call it futuristic pyschic doubt. I am suddenly a believer of Murphy's law which states: "what can go wrong, will go wrong"

Would someone, anyone, tow me to a clubbing spot, throw me off the grand canyon with a bungee cord or sponsor an all expense paid trip for me?

SO much to see, so much to do. I want to see and do them feeling young. :D


The Unknown said...

No use trying to grow up quickly, no point in doing that. Been there, done that, what's next? early middle age crisis. I certainly wish I hadn't push some things as far as i did. Some certainly do haunt me at times. Just take one step at a time. Gently and gracefully. In other words, enjoy the little things in life, the ones we often miss out on. The big stuff will come by itself. All good things come to those who wait.