I've always wanted

Listens to: SugarRays 'I just want to fly'; Texas 'Carnival Girl'; U2's 'The Sweetest Thing'

The Possible...

To own a BMW.
Yeah most people would know how I gush over evos but the more practical-looking-posh-car for me is the BMW. I really couldn't care what series it maybe as long as it looks sporty. A woman would always look good in a BMW. The day i drive one is the day that either daddy buys me one, or preferably, me earning my own with a salary of 15K a month.

To play in a classical chinese music orchestra.
A little difficult owing to the communication problem.

To make love on the beach.
With no one watching. (Ah duhh...) :P Something like those individual limestone cave islands with a small boat landing. With enough limestone to shield me and my lover from the hot afternoon sun so we can make love from afternoon to sunset.

To have twins.
Both sides of my family have histories of twin births. One birth and I have two kids. Less pain, less time taken to give birth to a team. I don't have to wait another nine months and suffer the post natal diet again.

To own a walk-in-wardrobe
So I don't have to keep throwing the neatly piled of stacked clothes all over the place just to check if I own a black cardigan.

To make love on the grand piano
Shoo you mozart ppl who think that the piano should be respected as an instrument to make beautiful music. I would love to make my own beautiful music on top of a glossy grand piano.

To have a man that serenades me
It doesn't have to be super damn clay aiken good. Just no warbling. Something with stupid but sweet lyrics akin to that as the song in 'The wedding singer' is enough to send me to tears of joy.

The Definitely not Possible...
To become a superhero.
In my dreams, I played countless characters; I was the princess driving the PINK lion in Voltron, I was Kimberly the PINK Power Ranger, I was the first female Ghostbuster with a PINK proton pack and SHE-RA with thank goodness not a pink outfit or a pink crested sword but a PINK Swift-wind as my steed.

she-arghhh april... :P

To fly a fighter plane.
Prefably a stealth ;D .Although I'm quite well off with physics as a subject, I think my carelessness and slow reflexes would drive the insurance companies from funding any air academy that accepts me.

To swim with dolphins and speak dolphin
Blame Hans Christian Anderson for instilling this thought in my head


Anonymous said...

The grand piano and beach are great.

She-ra! XD I just downloaded the opening for She-ra! It's hilarious.

I played April in Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs. =D

Anonymous said...

Seems like you are a romantic kinda gurl. With very imaginative mind and talents. :)

BMW? I still prefer the CAR OF THE YEAR, "K E L I S A"

I wont comment anything on your 'make love' wishes. But i share with you mine ;). Spend the entire day of my life to hug my love whilst naked. Just to hold on to her dearly.

TWINS is kinda fun, but taking care of them would be a major task. One baby is hard to care for, imagine 2 when your hubby is working?

Dreams are like clouds in the sky, even not many are able to achieve them, I do believe you can do it. For you are the "Super Pinky Gril"

Best wishes

april yim said...

OOO!!! I remember Saber Rider!!! I want another PINK horse!!!

Ahhh yes. I do believe I left out the phrase 'COMPLETELY NAKED' yes yes that sounds good ;D
thanks for the little reminder :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so courages to post such wishes online :) I RESPECT YOU, Gurl!

-Rosemary, James's gf-

Anonymous said...


been there done that with the beach..sand gets in inconvenient places on your body at the beach...do it near the surf line...the waves will wash away the sand..but if doin at night..watch out for the occasional jellyfish intrusion!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...wear something accessible too, its gonna be real "fun" if you're wearing beach shorts plus panties..haha..3 words: wrap around skirts!


jon said...

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