When ordering a Pizza in Malaysia...

Waitress: How many ah? (Good afternoon :D, a table for how many people?)

Customer: For two please

Waitress: OK. (Please hold on a moment while I find you a table)

...*goes of scurrying*
...*comes back scurrying*

Waitress: Follow me. (This way please)

Customer: What's the soup of the day?

Waitress: Soup arh? Wait ah... (I'm not too sure. Could you hang on a while to let me check with the kitchen?)

...*goes of scurrying*

Customer: Alright

...*comes back scurrying*

Waitress: Much-loom sup. (Mushroom soup)

Customer: No more cream of chicken?

Waitress: Don'ch have. (I'm sorry, but the kitchen didn't prepare any today)

Customer: Alright then I will have a bowl of mushroom soup and a hawaiian pizza.

Waitress: Big or medium or small? (Will that be large, regular or pan size?)

Customer: I'll take regular thank you with two glasses of pepsi.

Waitress: So you order two cup of pepsi, one medium hawaiian pee-zaa and one much-loom sup. (I'll repeat your order miss, that will be two pepsis one regular hawaiian pizza and a bowl of mushroom soup?)

Customer: Yes thats all :D Thank you :D *snicker*


april yim said...

Nasty of me to make fun of local English. :P

Anonymous said...

Ekekekek...I miss that Ah Beng-ness. I'd give anything to hear those words instead of your aforementioned British lines, it's much too drab and colourless. Pah to good etiquette!


april yim said...

I believe in this case, it was Ah Lian-ess.
British humour is suttle takes abit of wit to understand. But Ah Beng Ah lian humour is like adding water to instant noodles! :P

The Unknown said...

LOL. Ordered a cafe latte in Coffee Bean back in Malaysia a while ago, somehow the person behind the counter couldn't understand a word I was saying, she freaked out, put her hands up in the air, hurried off to her collegue and said "you go, you go, i doon no la..." I was almost bursting out in laughter! Never knew an accent can be so daunting!

Anonymous said...

Where DO you guys go to get such jakun waiters? Most of the servers I've had were fairly decent. But I must be lucky.

april yim said...

Pizza hut @ SS15, Subang Jaya.

Even in coffee bean once, I ordered a caffe du leche. While mixing in a tonne of stuff to froth under the coffee machine. Two barista's commented:
Barista 1: Mengapa dia panggil minuman ni 'kapeh doo leck?' (Why do they call this caffe du leche?)
Barista 2: *While mixing and mixing* Sebab ia sugguh leceh nak buat. (Because it's such a boring task to mix)

* I went back to my table, told my gfs and we shook up coffee bean with laughs*

Desmond Goh said...

I can't describe it better. Feels like in the restaurant myself...heheheh......