I need a complication

Wickid Hecate: i think a person is interesting with complications in their life

Jason : bad for ur blog......good for attitude/character..hmm.....but not all...
plain and simple also works

Wickid Hecate: i know. my blog is getting high and dry

Jason :yeah~since ur bunny pics..or maybe b4 tat..even i still come back for more....but i feel less "syok" after reading it..

Wickid Hecate: aiyak

So I had a Q and A session with the cute looking person at the back of the mirror in front of me.

I've become very boring and predictable have I?

And now thats why I ain't got any comments?
Sadly I Can't

Its that bad huh?
Sorry ...to say that

How bad did my posts get?
GaggingBlushy GirlBag HeadDisappointed 3

That bad???
Yes...Thumbs Down Oh Jeez

...All right, that's enough
Disappointed 2

Urggh!!... Well just don't stand there and criticise me... what can I do about it?

You think this post shud do the trick?

Big Smile

Yeah... I hope to bring back all that Too Funny and the for this blog too :D

Come here you cute reflection of mine!!!
Chiseling I Love You 2


Anonymous said...

Your blog seems fine to me :) I find it interesting to read on your ideas, to see your life. Maye there is less sparkles, but still i enjoyed every alphabets there is at your blog. Maybe you lack those straight down to eart comments on issues you face daily. What is your feeling when you face this person, this problem and etc

Its been a pleasure.


Maggie said...

I laughed so hard that I have tears in my eyes now...