My ideals of a pair

In a pair, one complements the other. They work together, in either synchrony and unision or with one following the other. They don't have to have much in common...like most things that come in pairs; one orientated left, the other goes righT. If one goes awry, the other waits for them to get fixed. I helped them get fixed Or if they don't get fixed, the pair is better off with another.

And let me reinstate my point that I never believe in a divinely matched pair. I would love to see the horoscope as my guiding point and as a thought to believe I am truly blessed. But that's all.

Neither do I as a person have a strong belief that people should get back together when there is so much excess baggage. When a person has so injustly lied to me without a good reason behind the lie. I'm a person who would keep my doors TIGHTLY shut...cause i have reason's not to waste my time when the a better person can come knocking.

Women are such friggin sado-masochists. When they are in a perfect state of bliss, they can't help it but go screw up themselves to immerse is self calming. What friggin calming??? Urghhh... Great, I've gone from being descriptive to being negative.

But because now, I'm happy with my position, I DON'T want to sound like a preacher telling what ideal to me and telling others to do it. That's going to hurt yah? I fell that people can attack me using the fact that I'm in this pleasant state.. It's gonna make me sound like friggin hitler. I don't want to hear anymore of what other people do either. Yeah, I'd like to help you all out there with ideas on relationship too... but I've really taken quite abit these past few weeks. Tell me when you start breaking down, then I'll take some time off to see you..

This is how i see it.. and that's as much as I will definitely talk about.


Jason said...

Sighz,everybody seeks advices from ap when they have problem in relationship,so do I,but that was ages ago.But when ap has prob,who she seek from?sighz...maybe ap needs some time to rest too...take care,ap!always giving u moral support in watever decision u make

Anonymous said...

Stupid people exist. Don't sweat yourself over it, like.... f'shizzle.


april yim said...

we all have to be selfish sometimes :P

Too bad if you don't agree with me :P

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