Paper report?

The brief report on each and every paper for those who are so kay-poh to wonder how I did *grin*

SCI2010: Definitely a good paper. What I wanted to appear in the papers actually surfaced. An 80% D.

GEN2041: Pretty much good as well. It was a good pen draining cermony accompanied by a throbbing hand much later. Since my mapping project and my mini assignments were all SCAH-rewed; I give this 40% D.

CHM2741: This was the paper I was most afraid of and the paper that I am STILL most afraid of. I pray on the 1st of December, the heavens would'st be so kindest to me to bestow me just a pass.

BTH2746: "No one can finish Dr. Ton's paper." I nearly finished it, but I preferred to fix extra notes into some of the 19 out of 20 answered questions. Losing 6 out of a 180marks is no big deal. Still slim slim slim chance of getting a D...10%