The nature of a metabolics testing lab day 1

"You have 4 slots to chose from, i.e. the following..."

*Zuraidah takes a ruler and glides the tip up and down the paper fastened to the clip board*
7:45 to 4:15
8:00 to 4:30
8:15 to 4:45
8:30 to 5:00

"You pick which you like...
Miss one day of work, we take your pay..Please present an MC in any case of medical please leave us early notice..bla bla bla....company policy,....etc., yotta yotta. reasons why to deduct your pay, blame the accountants...and so on and so forth"

So for the first day, they make us run back and forth two buildings separated by a hill of staircases.

At building A... "Ok now after this you go look for your supervisor"
Runs to building B... "Your supervisor is on MC, pls see Dr. In-charge at building A"

Back to building A floor 4... "Is Dr. who will take care of us today in? Oh...5th floor??? thanks"

Up to building A 5th floor... "Now go down to floor 4 and take the form with you"

Tumbling down to building A 4th floor... "Take this back to your sub-supervisor at buiding B and return here to collect your folders."

Huffing to building B... *Sub-supervisor signs*

and puffing to building A... "Here are your folders, take them back to the lab to read, happy reading!"

And there we go...sitting there from 10:30am to praying and yawning our way to 4:30pm reading the folder on safety procedures...OVER and OVER again.

Brilliant... a job that gives you a physical and mental alertness challenge...Isn't That Special


Anonymous said...

gee you poor thing! they sure made you guys run about a lot that day! the governmnet ought to do something aobut this directing people to run about all over the place man! never mind. it was good for teh ehalth while it lasted rite?